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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Comments made to the email by Anne Kilkenny

I am deeply disturbed by what is happening in the rush up to the election. In trying to find out enough about McCain's running mate in such a short time, it's been a real juggle to keep chipping away all the "claypipe" to see what's underneath. Claypipe was a substance that owners of show dogs used to use on their white dogs to make sure any blemish was covered up. This helped with smooth coated dogs. I think there is a lot of "claypipe" being used to cover up the truth, especially about Palin.

I decided to put the comments made to a post second from the top, presently, here. I'm not thinking really well, so hopefully this will come out right.

Pogonip, I copied the letter and put it up as a new post. Now it has a place on the web, here, too. It needs to be seen! Thank you for the warning.

And yes, the Republican Party should have some fancy phrase about profligate borrowing from the future of many generations of Americans for their tax cuts for the super rich, or "Guns and Butter programs" Borrowing programs to support the "missions" of an insane president who sees himself as an instrument of God.

Pay-as-you-go doesn't let them build a power base as fast as they wanted it built. BushI and BushII along with Cheney have subverted the military, the NSA, the State Department and Justice, and they needed money to throw around to do it. This money grab is where the capital for the childrens' homes, schools, and the whole country's infrastructure all got rolled into a military and serviallence industry that has used fully 50% of the GNP. Hypocrites!

Meribeth, yes, one more bully boy for the Christian Right, and that is the ONLY reason that she was brought onto the ticket, to bring back the evangelicals who were defecting, and who always seem to be willing to listen to their own strange liturgy, rather than what IS required of them by the founder of their faith. They are too proud to admit that they are not listening! Hypocrites!

I was a homeschooler and had to sit in at various functions, with other homeschooling parents. A LOT of them were Christian right.

I got a very close, personal look at their fears and their plans. This is what the so called Born Again Christians have been working for for 50 years. The movement called itself the Moral Majority, and went around the country preaching at little churches and halls.

Some friends of ours were pastors of small congregations. They were all very excited about this, because it meant that they could expand their power and wealth base and evangelize. The Movement heads wanted nothing less than to take over the government. It was their goal from the beginning and they are finally nearly there. They started at school board level and worked up through city, county and state offices. March, March, March! They were scary then and they are scary now. Hypocrites!

I'm not kidding, they got so greedy for power and the wealth for expansion that they completely forgot what Jesus said about the root of all evil being the love of money.

There are those in the movement who think they can make the US force Armageddon as well. They call it "working for God". They don't remember that Jesus also said that ONLY the Father knew the end of the days, and it wasn't given for the Son to know.

How on EARTH do these people think they can force anything like the so called "End time". See? They are insane with the scent of power and wealth, and they are very bad followers of the Prince of Peace.


  1. For a few years, HBO had a series called "Carnival" Amazing, intense series that took place during the depression. Good vs evil, with a young man who had the gift of healing...who was also an outcast. And then there was the otherside, an evangelical preacher who started on a radio show and grew his following into a large church and settlement, using fear and the rapture to spread love..

    I feel as if we are in the middle of Carnival. Rent it. It is weird, yet powerful.


  2. Oh it's definitely "showbizz", Meribeth. Thanks, I'll try to find "Carnival".

    And now Palin won't be answering any more questions from News Media until "we are ready" This means that the campaign realized she's a liability to it, and they are limiting access to her to control the damage. She must have been keeping Rove and Co. extremely busy!

    Here's the story:


    Sorry it's so long

  3. The letter is also posted at http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/kilkenny.asp with additional information that the Snopes people contacted Kilkenny and verified that she wrote it.

    It's a good letter. Balanced in reporting, candid in attitude.

  4. Pogonip, thank you! I'm so happy to see it has a permanent place, and at Snopes. Couldn't be better!

    I think I'll go back and add that to the original link. Ye, it's a great letter. A lot of thought and care went into the writing of it.

  5. Ready? I thought Pit Bulls were always ready!

    I wish someone would take her perpetual pointing finger and break it off, btw.

    Well, times a-wasteing and Rove & Co. best be at it!


  6. I'm beginning to think that there is a pattern we are missing in all of this, that Palin has some disability that we are missing. She can't just be a hyper-spoiled brat, can she? I just read, again, about how anti science she actually is! She has something missing, Meribeth. It's semi subtle but it's there....

  7. Thank Meribeth. I still can't put my finger on her, but I think she's "trying to please her Daddy" or some other thing like that. I've seen that much.

    Did you see Sharyn's post in the OT about the "Angry While Men" finally getting a woman they could vote for? I think it's very telling. I read the link. She's a man's woman, and especially the White Man's Woman, she's not liked by the Native Americans (what we call them) in Alaska but they are afraid of her. They won't speak up. Not on record. The fact that she keeps an "enemies list" is one of the scariest parts of her. She reminds me of another unstable Vice President who eventually became president. He kept an enemies list. Her leadership, God forbid she ever gets any real chance at the Oval Office, would more parallel his than anyone we've seen so far. She will get even with anyone who crosses her.


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