~~ "It's All Life, until it's Over" ~~
Kilgore Trout

~~ " in the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”" ~~
Saint Augustine

~~ “Nobody would do anything if they knew what they were in for.” ~~
"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

~~ "May you Walk with Beauty All Around You" ~~
Navajo Blessing

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Throwback Thursday..

The Sewing Room... "Before the Deluge"

Bernina is just out of sight on the left, with the serger.  
I used to love spending time in there!  The white thing (on the left) with a book on top is a small hot press for ironing on designs for t shirts. This was taken back in 2004. I kept accumulating craft stuff and then got handouts of cloth, old jeans, yarns, etc from various crafting buddies who were closing up shop.  This is the throwback part of the post.. what comes next is the Throw OUT parts...

After the Deluge!

Yes,  I'm working on it!

Here's the other side, that ended up being half studio, half BOX room.  grrrrrr

And there it is.. what a difference a few years of in-come, and no out-go, makes.  Time to toss!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday Music: Judy Collins, "Send in the Clowns"

One of my favorite songs from this wonderful singer.

Isn't it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air,
Where are the clowns?
Isn't it bliss?
Don't you approve?
One who keeps tearing around,
One who can't move,
Where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns?
Just when I'd stopped opening doors,
Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours
Making my entrance again with my usual flair
Sure of my lines
No one is there
Don't you love farce?
My fault, I fear
I thought that you'd want what I want
Sorry, my dear!
But where are the clowns
Send in the clowns
Don't bother, they're here
Isn't it rich?
Isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late in my career
But where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns
Well, maybe next year
Songwriters: Stephen Sondheim
Send in the Clowns lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Ask Anything.. And, Happy Easter all you Thieves!

Now, On to Sunday Stealing...

Hi! I'm your host Bev Sykes of the blog "Funny the World". . 
Welcome to Sunday Stealing.

This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud)  Cheers to all of us thieves!


From The Question Meme

1. What Did You Have For Lunch?
I didn't usually eat lunch.  Not being young anymore, I don't need it.  But have a piece of fruit or something small in the middle of the afternoon.  

2.  Do You Dance In The Car?
  Not anymore.  But I could really rock that van at one time in my life.

3.  Favourite Animal?
I like so many.  But I guess I would really miss wild birds and domestic dogs and tame and wild horses.

4.  Do You Watch The Olympics?
I used to.  I'm not interested in them anymore.  It makes the crosswords harder.  But that's easy to live with.  

5.  What Time Do You Usually Go To Bed?
At 10 pm.  But I read, knit, or spin through social media until around 12:30 am.

6.  Are You Wearing Makeup Right Now?
No. And,  I never wore more than eye makeup or lipstick when I was younger, and I'm not going to wear any of that other stuff, either, now that it would have to be a half inch thick to make any difference. 

7.  Do You Prefer To Swim In A Pool Or The Ocean?
I always preferred the Ocean.  There's nothing like the Pacific to swim in.  It's magnificent.

8.  What Was The Last Thing You Ate?
I ate a builder's bar with an Orange this morning.

9.  Bottled Water Or Tap Water?
We drink filtered tap water.  We have a Brita app for that.. just kidding! ;o)  I did find this one though, and it really works!

10. What Makes You Happy?
Hanging with my Hubby, chasing big bad monsters around the ancient British Countryside.   
Being in Santa Cruz with my kids; just being there is like the biggest High.  
Knowing that Jesus is real.  It makes the "World of Man" seem like a pointless, useless realm, which of course, it is.  Go SEE WHAT I MEAN

11. Did You Like Swinging As A Child? Do You Still Get Excited When You See A Swing Set?
No, I don't get exited about swing sets but I really did like to swing on one when I was younger.  

12. Do You Work Better With Or Without Music?
Now?  I work better without it.  But  before, when I wasn't worried about driving my dog or someone else deaf, I used to love to have music on ALL the time, and fairly high volume at that.

13. Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning?
Almost always.

14. Do You Like Your Music Loud?
See Question 12.

15.Do You Fear Thunder / Lightning?
Not at all.  I actually like it.  I come from a long line of storm watchers.  My mother and her sisters loved stormy weather.  But the storms that are coming, because of the Land and Ocean temps and currents that are generating them, are going to be much more massive.  Maybe it's time to be afraid. 

Friday, April 19, 2019

Saturday 9: What week is this?

Saturday Nine, Mighty Clouds of Joy, B.J. Thomas

If you want to play along just go HERE

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Nice song, Sam and thanks!  I've never heard it before.  

1) This song celebrates serenity. Are you feeling peaceful this morning? 
Not really. My mind is leaping ahead to all that is going to go down this weekend, and next week.  

Also, to the the work that still has to be done to clean up my messes and start making things I want to make, like sophisticated electron things. Just kidding!  In truth, I'm lucky to be able to de-fuzz my sewing machine's bobbin race.  But I would like to build that darn Star Trek Transporter one of these days.  Think of the tea parties and chin wags we all could have!  
2) The lyrics include allusions to sun and clouds. How does the world look where you are? Is it sunny or cloudy?
It's sunny here, and on the cool side.  The perfect early Spring day in SoCal.

3) This week's featured artist, BJ Thomas, is in the Grammy Hall of Fame for another hit record that uses weather as a metaphor, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head." Make up a Hall of Fame that you believe you should be inducted into. (For example, Crazy Sam has inducted herself into The Meme Mistress Hall of Fame for her service to Saturday 9.)
Infamy is more my style.   Is there a Hall of Infamy anywhere?

4) When Crazy Sam hears this song, she always sings along ... loud. Is there a song you simply cannot resist singing along with?  I sing along with IZ.  People who don't know about him dismiss him, but I'd say he had one for the most beautiful voices that ever was.  

5) BJ Thomas has performed this song at The Grand Ole Opry. The Opry has been broadcast on the radio every week since 1925, nearly 95 years ago! Of course, back in the 1920s, radio was the only broadcast media. Today we have other choices. Is listening to the radio part of your daily routine?
No.  The Radio is full of irritating commercials and even more irritating NEWS casts!  
I used to listen a lot to the radio when the kids were little but now there are much better ways to listen to my favorite music.  

6) Though their dress code is lenient, country music fans who attend the Opry for a live show are warned: "Just remember, there's one rule we take very seriously here at the Grand Ole Opry -- you must wear something." Easter Sunday is a day many of us dress up. What will you be wearing today?  

I'm wearing my favorite little summer dress.  On Easter Sunday I might wear one of my other favorite little dresses.  My summer goal is to make some MORE favorite summer dresses after I clear out the area for the machines. My sewing room has gotten over-run by "Box room syndrome" and other craft supplies.  "Crap supplies", in other words.
Then there is this:

Happy Easter all you Meme Buddies.. I almost typed Bunnies!

7) Easter is recognized as the start of the spring season. What are you looking forward to this spring?  Flowers and going to get Fish and Chips at Shelter Island.

8) Lilies are popular at Easter. Do you have a favorite flower?
I like this Lily.  All lilies actually but this one.  It's called A Stargazer

9) Which would rather find in your Easter basket: yellow marshmallow chicks (aka Peeps) or a plastic egg filled with pennies?

I'd really like one of those big chocolate rabbits from See's Candy. lol

April Challenge.. the 18th through the 21st.

I'm going to be extremely busy this weekend as events have arisen.  
Oddly it's also Easter Sunday weekend.  But there you are..

April 18th, yesterday: How would you like to be described.  As Kind.  

April 19th, Today: What is your favorite song to sing.. This one.. I love to sing the chorus.

April 20th, Saturday: Would you like to know about the future.  
No.  Frankly, just living through a day or a week is enough to think through.  

April 21st  
Happy Easter

How do you show people you care?  I love them.  In all the ways that it can be shown in a Society that doesn't really like to be touched; I just love them.
I no longer cry so easily because in the climate that I entered into as an adult, tears were a sign of weakness.  So I don't cry about things even if they make me sad.  It's ridiculous, but there you are.