”Getting old isn’t for sissies” Bette Davis
"Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly"

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Three on Thursday: I'm doing a flit, Painful Day, Eye candy stuff, and surgery update.

1. I will be gone for awhile.  But, hopefully, not too long.  I promise not to have too much fun.  Presently, The right eye sees through a yellow caste, but the left sees the purest white.  

I love my surgeon.  He's such a cool guy.  He "gets" my somewhat off the wall sense of humor!

2. Today is a very painful day, as Laura's birthday was today.  She would be 59.  She died three days before her 52nd birthday.  My heart goes out to any others who are reading this who has lost a child, no matter the age of that child.  

3. A beautiful Cal-Coasty thinga to look at..

I'm not sure if my daughter's SO took this
but I'll say that it is his.  He's really a great photographer.

"May you walk with Beauty all Around you." 

a Navajo Blessing Way prayer....

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Military whistleblower claims US has UFO retrieval program | Elizabeth V... Ooo Laa Laa!

Hubby and I saw some UFO's, hovering above us, in the form of incredibly bright lights, one late afternoon.  You can BET that had Miramar jets scramming to get into the air to try to catch them. 

But they all come up from behind a cloud bank, hovered a bit over our heads, and just shot like bullets, to the South East over the Mexican Border when the jets scrammed.  

This was the late 1960's.  It's something you do NOT forget.  Wheee!  I wanted to shout, "Told you so!".  

They are OUT there... 

P.S. We never took any "substances" besides a beer now and then at the beach. 

✌ Peace Out!

Wordless Wednesday… 🤫

Monday, June 5, 2023

Music Monday: My Heart Will Go On - Titanic Theme - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

For Laura who left this Earth seven years ago today. We will always love you,  and we'll always miss you.    


My friend Suzie sent me a message about Laura, and a song, and this is part of my reply...

I do this to ease my heart.

An Indian woman was grieving her daughter's death, and she went to the temple where she begged Krishna to please bring her child back to her.  Krishna told the mother to go and bring a single tear back from someone who had not lost a child. 
The woman took her little tear collecting bottle all over her own village and even villages beyond.  She couldn't find a single other family who had not lost a child.  But by the time she was done, she realized that she would recover and learn to not grieve so much, but be at Peace.

I am at Peace most times, but there are still times when I have tears streaming down my face.  Like now.  But I know that Laura is somewhere, and it's Peaceful.  Laura worried about just, well, about Everyone, and now I know she is at Peace. 🙏

Friday, June 2, 2023

Saturday 9: The Best (1991)

 Saturday 9: The Best (1991)  

Mz Tina, the Eternal.....

In memory of Tina Turner, who died on May 24.

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Here it is.

1) In this song, Tina Turner sings that she can think of no better place to be than her lover's arms. Since we're entering summer vacation season, let's switch it to: What's the best place you've ever traveled to? It's was after we  bought our fairly new but used motor home, we travelled to the Four Corners Region of the U.S. with the Rock Hounds.  We  visited every national park there.  We all had the best time ever. 

2) Songwriters Holly Knight and Desmond Child originally offered this song to English pop singer Paul Young. He declined it. Can you think of a time when you said "no" when "yes" might have been a better answer?  Yes, I can.  Plenty of times in my past.  Enough said.

3) Tina Turner was born in Nutbush, TN. In 1973 she recorded a song about it called "Nutbush City Limits." Is there a song about your hometown? That’s a no… Because the farmland of Ohio doesn’t figure large in the music world. Not at all.

4) It was at Nutbush's Spring Hill Baptist Church that very young Tina began singing with the choir. She credited those early performances with giving her confidence in front of a crowd. Are you comfortable with public speaking?  I was.  Now I don't think I would be.  I know better how things work.  I'd be haranguing everyone and everything. 

5) When she was a teen, her mom relocated the family to St. Louis. It was here that Tina played on the high school basketball team. Can you make a free throw? Yes, probably, and this is because I played on a traveling basketball team in high school.  I might still be able to sink a free throw.  I haven't tried since I broke my wrist and shoulder. though. I stick to wadded up, used kleenex into waste baskets now-a-days.

6) Tina met her second husband, Erwin Bach, at the airport. A record exec, Erwin went to Heathrow to meet her flight and help her prepare for her London appearances. The last time you were at the airport, were you a traveler or were you meeting or dropping someone off? What a sweet love story.  Last time I was at the airport, I was a traveler. I was flying home from a visit to my hubby who was working in San Francisco.

7) In 1991, the year this record was released, Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury died. What's your favorite Queen song?  I really love “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  But I do think all their stuff was very good.

8) Also in 1991, Disney's Beauty and the Beast became the first animated movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. What's your favorite Disney movie?  I’m really not that into Disney movies.  

Well, I’ll pick “Toy Story”.  I like that one. That is unless Disney made “Princess Bride”.  I’ll go with that if Disney made it. It is practically my all time favorite movie; though, actually, it’s in a tie with “Milagro Bean field War”.

9) Random question: What's your perfect day, weather-wise? Warm and slightly cloudy but also sunshiny.  I’ve had enough of this so called “June gloom” which started somewhere around May 1st this year.

Thank you Sam for this meme ... 💓💓💖

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Three on Thursday

1.  Getting set for the second eye operation.  

2.  I love that I see just as well as when I was running across the desert, bare-footed, when I was a teenager. 

3. That I can see at all is a credit to modern medical science and great Doctors.