"Everyone can master a Grief but he who has it”
William Shakespeare
Greed is an incredibly contagious disease 🦠 And, it’s a shame when anyone catches it.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Three on Thursday:

1. I am so DOWN.  😕

I have self diagnosed and decided that it's the fault of  724 news and horrors show I've been watching in which a country which shall not be named turns into it's own worst enemy.  

So, I'm now staring out my Sanatorium Sanctuary windows with a half-arsed grin on my face, willing the birds of my neighborhood to come eat the seeds, all the while trying to not eat ALL the chocolate in my house!

Ohhhh!  Are those Chocolate Chip?

2.  There is a ZERO chance that I can personally do a single thing to stop the insane Genocide in Palestine from being perpetrated by..... *They Who Should Most Definitely Know Better* than to Do THIS terrible thing to anyone else!  

What the Fracks the MATTER with them??  

3.  Do you all want kittens and puppies?  So do I!  I want a cute little kitten or a puppy to hug and play squeaky toys with.....

My best little knitting buddy

Twin Puppies!


I’m going through some stuff but I will peek in now and then and will be back when it’s over..