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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Devil and Angel baby picture

We call this one "Devil and Angel"

I wanted to end this year on a happy note, and I can't think of anything happier than babies. The twins were just about 10 months old and had started walking, so that makes this picture from September of '73.

I'm so tired of this year, 2009, and will be happy to see it creep off the stage and go into infamy, with all it's ribbons dragging, and the whole of it's baggage. Today was a baking and candy making day, and it became a "wash the dog" day, too! My back is aching and here is when I'm really happy that DH does the kitchen and the cooking, Bless him!

The Manly/Beastly is going along so well that I've already picked out a new sweater to make for DH, and it goes with my Resolution to learn continental knitting. Fair Isle sweaters really benefit from a full knowledge of continental style, though the first time I knit this sweater in '76, it was with the plain old lever throw that is what I use all the time. What a drag that was to do!   I found this Philosopher's Wool technique ages ago when doing something else, and fully intend to learn it in 2010, but starting with mittens for a DD!

The new one, but I wanted to do it in the round.  With it being a raglan sleeve this will be very very interesting.   You've seen this on here before. 

Hats, sweaters and sock knitting can keep women off the streets.  But who else will march?  We can't leave all this stuff up to the kids, can we?  Just kick me.  I must let go!  I must LET GO!!!

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  1. I know. I told Sweetie yesterday, concerning the health care reform bill, that if we lived in Europe, we'd be marching in the streets, demanding change.

    But we are not, because we are so tired just trying to make a living.

    I don't know how bad it needs to get.

    Much worse, I imagine.

  2. That's how I knit fair isle! I also knit "left handed" though I started out my knitting career using the right hand, until I discovered how much easier and faster the left is. I "made up" the two handed fair isle method, which is just proof that a good method will be discovered by many.

  3. cute pic!

    Yeah, I found your blog again...and I'm bookmarking it this time!

  4. Yes Fuzzarelly, Oh heck yes, we would be marching in the streets if any "real" Democracy was pulling this stuff out of their hats. We have a fake democracy in America. Also, I think we are very docile because of the way that Homeland security has shut down demonstrations and arrested people, and charged them with ridiculous things. We are a cowed people alright. And we are tired just trying to survive. No wonder the banks got all that money, it sucked the treasury dry so that we CAN'T have decent anything, including health care. They've managed to fool too many of the people all the time.

    Hi pogonip, someone showed me how easy it would be for me to do this because I'm naturally left handed. It was at a gem show one year. I was saying I could NEVER knit that way and she just patiently pointed it out to me I had my left hand making most of the movements already. I'm a lever righthand knitter. I was completely astounded at how easy it was to switch. And yes, I think you are right, that these are almost the vowels in a universal language of hand movements possible while holding two sticks and string. ;o) I agree.

  5. Wyn! I'm glad that you found it again. I change the header regularly, almost like a mirror ball rotation. hehe.

  6. I want to make one of the sweaters from their book, the one with all the peeries. Someday when I really want my brain to hurt, I suppose.
    Right now I'm making thrummed mittens. I don't know how well they will work, but I can tell they'll be warm.


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