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Saint Augustine

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mystical Kat

B sent this link.  And, Oh yes, I agree that Kat is a very bad mystic. 

Baking day!  Reading Day!  I got Stones Into Schools over Christmas and this book is completely fascinating!  It has a few revelations, told in an off hand sort of way, of where all the money went that was earmarked for rebuilding in Afghanistan.   From not receiving even a quarter of the promised funds for rebuilding, to the outright greed of foreign contractors, it's not hard to tell that all the corruption was not in Afghan bureaucracy.  Such greed, stupidity and callousness, covered with lies from high places, makes the work that The Central Asian Institute does there all the more important in that country.


  1. love Mystic cat -- MOUSE -- TREAT! MOUSE WAS A TREAT -- not such a bad mystic ;0

  2. Lol..

    The person who did that did a whole bunch of other ones and some of them are hilarious, too. You Tube was probably one of the most popular time passing sites last night for stay at home non party revelers.

    Have you ever seen the cartoon, "Good Kitty No More"? A woman comes home and finds her big fuzzy tomcat has ripped EVERY thing in the house to shreds and written "GOOD KITTY NO MORE!!!" on the walls with a crayon.


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