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Saturday, January 30, 2010

California Single Payer Bill

 The big story.....

Amazing news.  Just Amazing.

I'm so pleased at the will and dogged determination of the California Senate and Assembly to stick to business and do this again!

If the Over Insured Governor, still bleating on about the cost of it all, and still being a BLATANT tool of the FOR PROFIT Industry middlemen, vetoes this bill, he will be nixing a HUGE chance to get this out of the hands of the middlemen and back into the hands of the REAL Health care industry, the doctors and hospitals.

He's a popular and likable actor.  He's a rotten Governor.

All I can say to the Republican obstructionists, is that this is not a left wing anything,  It's common sense.

"Leno argued the state-run plan would replace the $200 billion Californians already pay for their health care while eliminating insurance companies' share. He previously said the system could use existing state and federal money and a payroll tax, coupled with increased efficiencies from a government-run system."

"We are spending $200 billion currently," Leno said. "It is the same $200 billion used in a more efficient, cost-effective fashion."


  1. It is a wonderful idea.They plan to do away with prop 13 and a big increase in income tax to pay for it.Those greedy property owners need to pay their fair share and thse who earn $20,000 or more can afford another $5,000 a year.Those retired greedy people can afford it too.

  2. I work with the people writing the bill.You will find out soon enough.It is going to be a wonderful bill providing healthcare but someone has to pay for it and incase you did not notice unemployment is high and California is broke.

  3. You comment anonymously, have provided no proof, which was asked for, so I think you are working as an online "search and plague" fear monger for the insurance industry.

    You found my blog post in a belated way, using a key word search, which is a favorite tactic of the industry, so I don't trust you what ever you say.

    California isn't broke, it's just been mismanaged over the past eight years, and is also now suffering under the same downturn as the rest of the country.

    Go plague some one else; fear mongering on tiny blogs has lost it's bite. We know how this work now.


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