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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here Comes Spring, at the Zoo...

Large Spray of blossoms.

Same Blossoms but at the beginning of the cycle ( I think).

Agave Flower Spike

Fig tree Spring Sprouts

Today was a Zoo Day. We got there much too late to see the baby panda out and about. He must be quite adorable, since he's been described as "very playful". I tried to find any flowers that were out but couldn't manage the orchids, a bridge too far.  We did go down Fern Canyon which is always very beautiful. I'll post some pictures of that tomorrow

While DH and I sat eating our treat of kettle corn, a special truck, one with small all steel cages - no wire, just breathing holes, drove by us. About 15 minutes after the truck went by, a squad of macaws flew overhead - from the same direction the truck went - calling and getting everyone's attention. The special truck was part of a show, and the birds were flying back to the stage from being carried there. It was a magnificent sight to see these big, beautifully colored birds flying in a line above our heads. This almost made up for having missed the baby panda playing.
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