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Friday, February 5, 2010

Horse Operas VS Knitting

I have a neat, little weather radio that stays tuned to the local NOAA broadcasts.

Promises, promises.  Today a new storm is supposed to be pouring delicious ion filled rain down to earth, here, but apparently it's stalled somewhere over the Pacific so only L.A. is getting rain this far south.  I was hoping for rain tonight now, so that there would be more water in the southernmost reservoirs.  I wonder if all the Hopi rain dances are overwith on the Mesa lands?  We've always been too far south for the good storms.  I should look at the Hopi Tribes web site...

I've not knit a SINGLE stitch which pretty much knocks me out of the "ten minute a day rule" club for either of the two still viable WIPs.  Mostly there's been a lot of tears over the demise of Nick, in McLeod's Daughters, my goto stress buster of a horse opera.  I love the show because it's a sort of mild soap opera, mixed into a big dose of Horse opera.

I never got hooked on American soaps, though it's fine with me if other people like them, I just never have.  But this Aussie Hybrid has it's hook into me so well, that I fear the end coming up.  Will Tess and Dave get married if Nick IS really dead?  Well Stevie ever get off the high horse of her fears and abduct Alex, slipping past the four day wonder he just dragged in?  Will Harry ever take Sandra up in the same plane and have a heart attack?  God, I hope they get theirs in a less gory fashion.  And that gal who kept trying to steal Nick, did she finally get the Spine to move on, and leave our Tess alone?  Oddly, I still would take an American quarter horse any day over anything in the show, other than Stevie's or Jodi's horses.  In that case, I like the gait of those two magnificent animals.

So, there's the reason for my not having knit anything for awhile.  I can't take my eyes off the screen.  Anyone else with this problem?  Any bets on whether Dave, who is shaping up as great husband material, will hit on Tess, or maybe Kate?

I really need to get another life going here. 

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