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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010, a 40 year old good idea..

A rather late Alaskan storm is working it's way inland but still hasn't let go of the California Coast, and baby it's cold outside!  People who went camping and hiking this week to celebrate Earth Day, I hope you are OK.  There's a traveler's advisory for the SoCal region announced on NOAA radio networks, and this is one you need to pay attention to.

We definitely can use this rain, and we are getting it, but these big storms usually come from off Hawai'i at this time of year, and not so cold.  Brrr!.  But, anyway, surf's up!  Just be darned careful, and the water is a chilly 58 degrees. 

That's the weather report for Earth Day, from San Diego.  The Balboa Park festivities are most likely postponed but here are some nice things to do for Mother, anyway.....  Nature Conservancy Page


  1. Weren't you the one that posted that picture on KR, of the effects of the terrible storm - a chair tipped over on the patio?
    I don't know anything about SoCal, so this is interesting.
    I was 16 and in high school for the first Earth Day. I'm proud to celebrate it.

  2. Hi, K; I have that picture, but don't remember if I posted it or not. I have difficulty posting pictures there and gave up!

    That piccie was from a storm a few years back that ripped through the Pacific North West, I believe, which was terrible. That storm toppled trees and took off with some roofs if I remember correctly.

    You have grown up with Earth consciousness then. Isn't She something? Earth is a gorgeous Planet!

    I grew up with extreme interest in Earth, too, but from IGY times. That's when Earth Science, or Geology, became my focus,and passion. That was well before my realization that Oil companies hire a high percentage of graduated Geologists, which was a painful realization, to be honest.

    Thanks for you comment. I appreciate that you read here, thank you. :)


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