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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Friday, April 2, 2010

some retail therapy, that sort of stuff...

First, A little bit of fun in case you missed this April Fool:

Does it Blend?

My Dsis, DH, and I spent the afternoon yesterday going through World Market.  That DS of mine needed a little "Retail Therapy".  

At one point, I had to sit and rest on a very comfo couch for a few minutes, and a kindly "Employee of the Month" - yes, designated by moi, and she gets my vote! - came over and offered me a basket with wheels to put my basket of Easter gifts into.   Sweet gal!

Today is another marathon of grocery shopping with Dsis; I take her.  She is going to Michaels with me to offer her excellent advice on a how-to.   I'm trying to avoid having to buy two dozen magnetic findings off the web.  I need about three.

 A little sentence game for blogs:

The knitting called to me.  I held my knitting.  There is bonding.   I rejoice!  Why?

That last is a blog game.. five word sentence... etc... I don't think there is a true one word sentence.


  1. This is Sergeant Syntax of the Grammar Police. I hope you are ready to stand corrected. There are lots of one word sentences. All it takes for a word to stand alone as a sentence is that it be imperative. For example: Sit!, Stay!, Knit!
    I could go on but you get the idea :=)
    Happy knitting,

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  3. oops an error in grammar got posted.. I'm watching my p's and q's from now on...

    @ Sarge:

    I knew you were out there! heehee!

    Ahem, But you see, the subject is assumed, yes? This is a modern adaptation to the language, and the fact that the grammar police caved in a century ago and let the commoner take over the rules doesn't make it right, or does it?

    Happy knitting to you as well, Sarge - red, white and blue socks is it? I love those colors. Would you like to come inside, Sit a spell with your own knitting, and Stay for a cuppa?


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