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Friday, April 23, 2010

Food Deserts? Mental meltdowns and a Full blown wacko RANT!

I hadn't actually thought about this much before the Ted Talk earlier, but here is a site dedicated to studying - at least in part - the causes of our problems by examining the food delivery systems and how they've become degraded.


A very interesting place, I think.  Full of resources for urban garden building, probably in the manner of the gardens of Santa Cruz.   WhyHunger was founded in 1975!  

The rain has gone for now, so watch out Utah and Colorado!  There is the possibility of more rain by mid week, here.  You have to understand, this is a desert for lack of water, and we celebrate the rains!  Rain is a good thing so far south and this far into April.  The garden is blooming away with roses, bearded Iris, pelargoniums, and epiphyllums.  Nearly every cactus is blooming or has set buds.  Even the little society garlic is full of pretty little lavender blossoms.  Me?  I feel like a dried up little crab apple, clinging to the tree for dear life.

I'm not knitting.  I've done all that is humanly possible to jump start my knitting outside of going out and actually spending more money on yarn to stuff into the closets.

I've fingered all the various supplies, I've filled my eyes with projects others are doing on Ravelry.  I've threatened myself with a move to Bolivia or France with only a backpack full of energy drinks if I'm not grateful enough to just get those needles clicking away.  France,  I should be happy to go to France! Would the kids come and settle in with me at the little vineyard I can buy with my surplus yarns on ebay?  

Should I knit colorful little hats for all the door knobs?  Or perhaps I should invent or possibly only re-invent knee warmers and write a book about it?  I don't know what's happened to me but this is not right.  I must be depressed or else just very tired.  Maybe it's time to go into the middle of the clutter in the sewing room and start screaming into a dusty unfinished pillow form?  Should I be-head the mannequin?  Perhaps I could hyperventilate in a closet full of dusty half finished UFO's?  Should I threaten to kill my sister and brother for taking the best pictures of our mother and losing one of them?  They love/hated her for so many years, blaming the victim, and then they had the cheek to swoop in and take the best pictures under the guise of "looking" at them, after years of mater-vilification.  Does this happen in all families?  If I did actually kill them, is it covered under legally insane pleadings?  Any lawyers out there with an opinion?

Does it help at all, those of you who have tried any of these things?   I mean besides the actual fratricide.  No, those of you who did that must have had better reasons than I have.  I'll put a happy face on this and some FUN in dysfunctional by saying that I've decided that it is a good thing that they love her now and are not trying to buy the affection of Psycho dad, in hopes of inheriting what's left of his "estate", "it is to laugh, 'haha' ", as the French are fond of saying.

No, I do not drink, because if I did this would never have been written.  It's sort of reversely intuitive that a drinker tells all.  No, it's the sober ones you have to watch out for.


  1. Why are we having these knitting brickwalls? ackkkkkkk!

  2. Oh my, not you, too, Wilno! Hitting a Knitting brick wall is very apt a description for this malady.

    It seems to be that knitting is no longer a solace for me. I mean I don't even want to make a pair of SOCKS for Heaven's sake!

    Maybe it's time for some Mental floss - just days and day of sitting quietly and enjoying the sound of NOTHING but the little birds flitting around the bushes.

    I just had to listen to six tea baggers at a little get together today. I'm lucky I didn't HAVE my needles! lol Smart they are not. Such a pity and such spoiled people to be talking like they were! Made me want to slap em!

  3. Set your knitting aside and go out to play in the springtime beauty. Make a new pot for your back patio or a beaded fancy collar for your dear puppy. Your desire to knit will come back. It's not as though your family will be walking about nude if it doesn't.

    Family is always a drama, I think. As we get older we keep chewing over the old events from the new points of view and changing our opinions. Very Existential (in the old definition, not the bizarre new one) and unavoidable. It doesn't do to kill your sibs, though as they are ultimately irreplaceable - for good or ill.

  4. Ellen, Thanks. You have saved lives today. hahaha

    I have moved along but not quite "out" of my resentments about all that photo snatching; as you say, we move on. Thank you for sage advice.

    I will go out and make something prettier, prettier than a big red face with steam coming out the ears. And knitting can wait.


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