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Monday, October 10, 2011

Maggie the English Mastiff vs. Dude the Chihuahua

I'd title this, "Can't we all just get along?"

I think the Mastiff, a pretty gentle breed, does a very good job of putting up with Dude, the feisty little featherweight. She tries to go for him to "play" more, at the end, but she was pretty patient with those razor teeth!


  1. The mastiff goes that's quite enough now! I saw one of those Beethoven looking dogs...not sure what they are called I forgot. I was being all sweet to it, it was in the back of a pick up then it almost bit my head off. And its head was bigger than mine too! Scary! At least its loyal!!!

    Every time I see someone buying Yarn I think of you!

  2. Ah, that was a Saint Bernard, and they take special handling to be as friendly as most are. They can absolutely ruined by neglect or bad training, like many big dogs. They normally are sweet natured but, as you say, loyal. I'm glad you were not bitten. Not good to contemplate!

    Thanks for thinking of me, and my yarn stash thanks you, too. lol I could open a store, but I hoard my yarn against bad times, like the 80's. Oh my, true confessions!


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