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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sergeant Pepper Spray Will Be Investigated!

Sergeant Pepper Spray Will Be Investigated! Kudos to Daily Kos & Kossack Grapski!

Thanks to K! Well spotted!

And, with this level of police brutality finally exposed DURING the day, and not ending in a smashed camera for the news crews (and Indi news is a bonefide news crew), we the people can now attempt to get the brutes off of our police squads. I wonder how long NYPD lieutenant Anthony Bologna has been at this in the DARK and under the cover of a badge? And, I wonder, how many more like him lurk in the shadows?

There are plenty in Los Angeles, and in Seattle, as the protests against the WTO  proved in the 1990's.   I had first hand knowledge of the activities of some, in Los Angeles.  We need to stop letting public employees off the hook when they take illegal actions under cover of authority.  Honestly, we have to stop this thing.

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