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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Milagro Beanfield War"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Extreme sticky note Experiment

I can't do this at home, but I'm BORED enough to try it!  Very cute! Don't forget to check out the other "You Tubes" made by eppy bird...

Weather report:  We got a freak storm that left us with a lot of water in the reservoirs.  Want to see a SoCalian smile?  Just give them enough water to get them through the summer months.

One of the first things my home PT and I discussed was chronic fatigue, and the value of finding Joy in Life to combat the effects of CSF.   When my sessions were over I gave him a little rustic style Christmas ornament that had a carved, wooden white heart inside a small wreath, and the heart had the word Joy hand painted on it.   I'm telling you this because, like happiness, joy in life is home made.  It's something you have to remember to do for yourself so that you can then have enough to share.

Warning!!  Unwarranted Old Lady Lecture ensues:

Make yourself some Joy, in the everyday world you are in.  Look for opportunities to make Joy anywhere and everywhere; like Beauty, the opportunity to feel Joy  will be there, in a child's voice, laughter, or smile, or the littlest flower or just the colors that the sun makes through the leaves on a tree. 

Awareness of the beauty around you in the everyday world can be life changing.  Jobs can be hard to get, boring, filled with bad tempered bosses, co-workers; you know how that goes.  They are also what pays the bills.  We all have to work to live.  But we can create Joy and our own happiness.  Give yourself something to look forward to.

Make a place for YOU to live that is free from angst.  If you can't change much in this world, you can do a little.  A little goes a long way even when it's as simple as making cookies for the neighbors , or in giving a bouquet of flowers to a neighbor who can no longer garden due to illness or age.  There IS always something out there you can do to increase the joy in this world for yourself and others.   It might be a struggle at first, especially if you have been in a tight place for a long time, but this is a way out of there.

I have been walking more and trying to find the yarn for the Baktus scarf.  I've stopped reading my depressing books for awhile.  My scar is all healed but looks like the edge of a pie crust, crimped by a fork.  I hope this changes!

Speaking of pie, a have a recipe for something called Chess Pie.  I guess it's something from the Great Depression.  It tastes so good, very tart and sweet,  too.   This is pie season you know!  I'll share the recipe soon. 


  1. That video was amazing! I should have done that when I worked in the office. hehe

  2. You should have! You missed your chance! Now you'd have to play with your own paper. heehee

  3. Hi there - just dropping in to say that I'm thinking of you and am glad to hear that you are healing well. There are worse things in life than scars that remind us of pie! Lots of love from Luann and Little Luann.

  4. Thank you, Luann and Little Luann for the love "bytes". Hugs back!

    Pie is great for healing what ails, so it does. OR, even a cookie helps. I finally got that cookie, a big Starbucks chocochip one. Yay!

    Wish I could send you and Little Luann each one, and one for Mr. Luann, too.

  5. THAT is NOT an old lady lecture...that is a wonderful reminder of what us humans on this Earth must do! So nice you gave a homemade ornament!....I have to admit I chuckled at your observiation of your 'pie crust poked with a fork'..it WILL look better....probably before I see it ;) thank you so much for your nice and encouraging email the other day. can't wait.

  6. oh, and I think the accounting dept. would have something to say...those suckers are expensive ;) love it :)

  7. PJ, you are right, accounting would have something to say about those if this all was real. I wonder how much it cost to make the video just in little paper pads? Also, I loved the way the "boss" dumped all that work on the woman's work space and the "look" she gave him. Lol! Priceless!

    About that scar. I've started to leave it alone because I made it so sort of sore. Other people have said that the scar flattens out over time, and I just have to trust that it will. But now, what do I do with my OCD? heehee


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