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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A tiny snail and November Roses

Bebé Snail!

I came back into the house and said to DH, "Please come take a picture of this tiny snail before I smash it." (I didn't have the heart to smash it. Who can smash something so cute?) I also told him that I hadn't wanted to get into trouble by going around behind the plant container to pick more. He said that I can do anything I want but that if I fell I'd just have to lay there. Maybe I would take root? Anyway, I took the picture with a flash because the sun wasn't bright enough.  I'm so proud. :-)

The rains have made the whole yard green, mostly with weeds, but green none the less. California was described as the Land of Green and Gold by the first of the Spanish free booters who "discovered it". That's just what we are, Green in the winter wet season, Gold in the summer dry.

The Gardening report: Other than the weeds, these green striped tomatoes have been amazing. They are still putting out flowers and have lots of fruits, too. They just might last until the first frost, or something below 40 degrees overnight. Today the weather is warm, slightly sunny, with clouds out of the south. Just right for tomatoes! I guess the compost we've been making over the last 8 years is really good stuff because that's what they are planted in.

I'm still working on the Baktus, working on the knee, and working on getting the sewing machine put away so we can put up the Christmas tree. The knee bends to 125 degrees, so it's doing fine. Now if the rest of me was as spry.

Today I went outside and picked a half dozen ripe tomatoes. It was great to just go outside and feel the wind blow through my hair, and the sun shine on my head, in my own back yard. And, today, I talked for an hour with a dear friend in Jersey. We had a great chin wag!

I forgot the roses!

Sun Flare, today. 

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