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Friday, December 16, 2011

Bits and Pieces of life in the Fog

I'm fighting with myself to put good news up, so here it is.  A package has arrived, and the contents are overwhelmingly beautiful.  Someone made a knitting bag as well as two spoon ornaments (Oh my Gosh, the Symbolism!) for the Christmas tree.  I will share pictures very soon. 

The Knee is great!  The last PT appointment was Wednesday, apparently, so I will do all the exercises on my own for the rest of the six months.   I will not miss having to "Haul Out" three times a week, but I will miss my PTs! 

Ah, back to spoon Symbolism.  We who have all these auto immunes know about Spoons:

It's a foggy day, not the weather sort but the brain sort.  I confess to having CFS, which is complicated by many stupid little indignities that don't add up to a "Trumps SA, RA, Lupus and/or Parkinson's" but it does throw monkey wrenches at your head in a well planned attack on plans, hands- even whole body assaults are not unknown either - and eye sight.

The only defense left to me is to fight back with the excess of dust bunnies which live in their hordes in my home.  I've formed these tiny warriors into armies that have been equipped with double edged fog slicing razor blades and speedy wheels, or, to be even more deadly, toxic chemicals!  Having tile floors in the house tends to make dust bunnies easier to catch - even a few really big ones get caught in the net.  The Dust Rhinoceroses tend to congregate at the edges or in little eddy pools in the corners of rooms.  I herd them semi-weekly and put them to use.  They are amusing when they charge blindly, but are not very smart.

Recent UK news is not so good because now the three disease processes - ME, CFS, and FBM are being slowly interconnected.. well at least SOMEONE can connect the dots of this murky world!  I just read and try to understand half of what is being written.  But I've run around inside old mines since I was a preteen, and many old desert dwellings as well.  Add all this to the fact that I've had wild mice as hand tamed pets and you can see that the "mouse virus theory" rings big bells in my head.  I wonder, has it been proven, dis-proven, or did this research news just sunk behind all the road crashes during the holidays news or perhaps the celebrity glue sniffing and bed hopping news?

The comfort knitting Baktus burped up a knot.  I threw it back into the bog ( bag) with a note from my Angry Face that it would have to stay in there until Happy Face returned.   Happy Face is busy with Christmas surprises that are going to be late this year, again!  Next week is a full out baking week, breads and cookies, and then after Christmas, some of the Kinder are visiting.  Meanwhile, Happy Face is putting up decorations as best she can.  Angry Face has just received a new Volcanic Book to read with the rest of the Volcanic Library.  This library grows practically weekly!  But, it's important to stay informed and to support those willing to speak out about the madness.

more knitting... I ordered Cat Bordhi's Anemone hat pattern, but I can't get the PDF file (PDH? what is that?  Portable Document Hell?)  to open and that's probably because Adobe and some program are duking it out for possession of the right to open it.  I'll have to beat one or the other off with a stick, here, and then figure out if I have to do some mutant sort of knitting to make this cute hat.  

A pretty for you:

Wolfie is fine, he just has a little cowlick now where the scar from "Big Scarey Night"  made his hair stand up in a half of a half-hearted Mohawk sort of thing.  He's very cute.  But, since he's mostly black, he is very hard to photograph in any light setting.  He's getting his eyebrows back, too.  They got shaved off as part of BSN ..see above.

I know there were other things that are supposed to go in here ( I need to learn to ALWAYS make lists) but they will not come strolling out of the mists for me.  I hope you are not as tired as I am, m'friends.  But I know some of you are, so here's some big hugs.

or rather, mugs.  Sorry,  I lost all the neat smilies when the hard disc crashed in August.

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