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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rain, Flowers, and Wilson's Warbler in the Garden, Bits of Knitting Blah Blah

No Rants today, only beauty shots!
First Moarea Bloom of the Season

Mother's Pink Zygocactus has finally bloomed again.  I almost lost this Heritage Plant.

Tiny Wilson's Warbler Feeding on the Cape Honeysuckle.

Keeping an Eye on the Woman With the Camera     

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Knitting Report:
I am decreasing finally on the Baktus, and here we go to the home stretch. I've enjoyed knitting on the 16 inch needles which I thought might cramp my hands but didn't. I wouldn't like to knit something on them in the round though. Maybe I'll try a hat next, color work. Hahahaha!

I must now put the camera down, and get off the computer to put up the hoof before DH starts bellowing, bull like, in my ears. hee hee.. He just frowns at me and levels those "storm at sea" colored eyes to mine. He's got my best interests at heart, and it hasn't been 8 weeks yet so he has a point. Yesterday at PT was good for me but can my PT ever grind her strong small hands into my sore and tight quad. OUCH! But, I have got 123 degrees out of that knee! Yay!

Bye! Happy Christmas Shopping!


  1. I love color work (i started it almost as soon as i started to knit)--there are so many options--stripes, intarsia, stranded, jacquard double knitting....Even duplicate stitch! find a pattern you love, and you'll love color work--there are some wonderful pattern--simple to work, but complex looking--I always feel like color work is finger dancing... but even a simple pattern (1 of a, 1 of b, with 2 self striping yarns--can be very pretty and super easy--(R 2 is offset--(work B ontop of A, and a ontop of b.. sort like seed stitch)

    A real simple pattern, but beautiful results! (and great news about the knee--Me? the wound has healed--its all pink skin--not fully healed and still tender to the touch (and still under a band aide) but healed!)

  2. You are all pink and healed up - almost. Yay! Just in time for the holidays, too. One less thing to deal with! I don't know if I have more PT or not. I really will miss all my PT people, as they helped me a lot, and they are so nice!

    You, my dear, are a champion of color knitting! :+)

    It has been ages since I did any, the 70's maybe. The last I did was a sweater for my Bro - I think it is called Norwegian ski style. It had color work around the yoke and above the ribbing on the wrists. Since color work is best done in the round and knitting continental style, I have to learn that now, you reckon?


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