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Monday, January 30, 2012

Seed Babies growing up, and Sock yarn picks with Patterns

My mother had seeds in a kit, and I found them when we cleared her things.  This baby started as a seed in 1985. 

This one is a little bigger, and I'm not sure if it's a Barrel Cactus or not.  It was also started in 1985

And the sock yarn choices with patterns from Nan Bush and Grumperina... Yes, I know it's not enough yet I feel that it is all I'll ever get done this year, and some is much better than none.

It's been a busy day and the week is getting so busy that I don't know if I'll ever be able to knit all that much.  With Spring coming to California, I am thinking of nothing but weeds in the rose bed, and flowers, and watching gardening mysteries ( "Rosemary and Thyme", and the Midsomer Murders series) and reading.

One of the reasons I'm sitting more is that I'm taking an "Aerobics for the Truly Ancient" class and working out on some gym equipment.  I get to sit more but I'm just too bushed whacked (Oh, mon Dieu! de brain, de brain!!) to knit, let alone think through complicated patterns.

If you are familiar at all with Nancy Bush, and this was not planned to be a pun, her book, Knitting for the Road, is where all the chosen patterns have come from save one - Jaywalkers by Grumperina.  This will be a challenge for me because all in that book are charted patterns!!  Happily, there were enough four needle pattern charts, and I accidentally chose the patterns done on four needles; otherwise, I'd have to give the book away.  So, I'm not sure at all that I'll do more than the ones mentioned in Yon Piccie ^  up there.

Weather Report:  It rained awhile, the sun came out and blistered everything, sending up red flags for the hill folk to clear brush, and it's fixing to rain again.  I couldn't be happier if I were twins.

Tort Report:  I had a dream about a tiny pet that was very thirsty and hungry, only it was a mammal.  Knowing full well that the only mammalian pet in this house was well fed and had always had a full water bowl, I picked up Button to give him a look.  His eyes were closed and his tiny back legs were very thin.  We soak him about two times a month but now I suspect it better be more often.  He was going into hibernation (actually it's called torpor, like hummingbirds do overnight) and in need of assistance.  The mammal in my dream looked just like a hedgehog, and of course, it was a similarity not lost on me that they also hibernate.  I think the Angels have a great sense of humor.

Have fun, write in your blogs, please!  Ever since Facebook ran rough shod over the terrain, the blogging folk have just caved in.  Such a shame.

Happy knitting, whenever you get a Round Tuit! I'm still looking for one. 


  1. Knitting on the road has some wonderful patterns..
    I haven't knit any, but i own and admire the book.. But i rarely knit a pattern from a book--I just like to look at the images, and let them inspire me... I don't much like charts either, but they aren't so bad once you get used to them. and its easier to use 1 book--just as there are different terms for the same thing (ssk/S1, k1, PSSO) there are different symbols for charts.. (every new book a new set of symbols. there is a lot of over lap.. but....
    Stick to one book, one set of symbols to learn!

  2. Thank you Helen! I really admire how you design things, everything you knit I think, on your own. I'm not ready to do socks that way but have done sweaters using the pattern books from the library when the ol' adventure gene was still activated.

    I learned the Norwegian, Swedish and English symbols be knitting sweaters but never saw socks laid out on 3 or 4 needles like this book. And these are strange as you know from having the book. I'm glad I got that book used. I won't feel so terrible about throwing it out a window, or something. lol

  3. That is some mighty fine looking yarn sitting there!
    I'm not to keen on following patterns anymore. Self patterning yarn is the way to go!
    LOTS of snow our way! I've been dragging my tail feathers a bit, I think that proceedure I had a few weeks ago kicked my FM up a bit. We're trying to get out on the snow shoes as much as possible.....but oh does it hurt!

  4. Karen, I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures on the snow shoes. It's overdue, that time for you to enjoy leisurely days at home and in your patch of Nature. Oh yes, you probably have had that terrible hidden switch thrown into the "ON" position with all the stress and medical things going on in you life.

    Take your time, enjoy life, and may you rapidly get back to being healthy as is possible.


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