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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red-tail Hawk Nest Bird Cam. Audubon article on tree cutting

DH, another avid birder, found this on the web at Cornell Labs.  It's a live bird cam, a nest of a red tailed hawk, with a sitting hen:

Red-tailed Hawk Nest

Yesterday, in our Cape Honeysuckle I saw several species occupied in feeding and all at the same time: Scrub Jay solitary; House Finch male and Female- male in breeding plumage; Flock of 5 to 7 White Crown Sparrows; Wilson's Warbler; Audubon Warbler- somewhat in a hurry; Anna's hummingbird, male and a female, Alan's hummingbird, male.

Every year, right at the wrong time, trees get trimmed.  Tree trimming times to save birds are from September to February.

In California, at least, there are laws in place to protect nesting birds, eggs, babies, and fledglings.  If you are planning to trim trees, please look for nests first, and if you see any nesting activity, call your local Audubon for advice.  If you see tree trimmers, ask them if they have checked for nests.  Ask them to allow you to  check for nests, which they may have done but you can request as well.

A few years ago, I was gone when several trees were ordered cut down by a bank who owned the house next door, and I know for a certainty that there was a California Towhee nest in those trees.  I would have stopped them if I'd been here, and the disregard for the law, by a bank, was disgusting.

Audubon LA Tree Trimming Guidlines


  1. gasp...it's horrible. Just can you imagine for a moment ...if there were no birds on Earth? *shutter*

  2. Birds have a very important niche on Earth, bless 'em. I can't imagine not having them. Of course, maybe there would still be pterodactyls with 15 foot wing spans. Ouchie!


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