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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Picasa3 can now take this:

Taken today out my slider
To this gorgeous thing!....

I am lovin' Life today!

Today was a gym day, and believe me, when you have only so many spoons, the adrenalin keeps you going but when you get home the only spoon left in the drawer is the one that stirs the honey into you lemon ginger tea!  But then, I found out how amazingly Picasa3 has been updated.  Hot Hot stuff for a color maniac!

The lovely sock and the book reading are chugging along, but I didn't make any marmalade yet.  And I'm still waiting on my coconut bacon.   If I wasn't the only one eating marmalade, I could go on strike, eh?

Wolfie had to wear his sweater out on the late night walk.  It's been down into the 40's at night here.  Will you guys in the North and East please take back your winter weather? 

Oh, pretty rocks found in the weeds.

Flame agate
small citrine agate
You never know what you'll find after a rain.


  1. great rocks! living as i do, on a sandy wash out of a terminal moraine, I NEVER find great rocks. (that 90% of the area is paved over, and the rest has been landscaped... doesn't help.)
    but I love when the rain (we haven't had much all winter)washes out marbles. I have a big collection of beautiful marbles. All finds. and found in the most unlikely places. I envy you your agate!

  2. Hey there, Helen. Thanks for commenting on the rocks. Unfortunately, it's poetic license, that bit about them washing out. We were, for many, many years, Rock Hounds. those two bits are both from somewhere else, brought here and sort of piled up in the grass and weeds along the drainage on the side of the house when their container failed. The rain washes them out sometimes. I just reclaim them!

    Actually, I envy you the marbles, truly neat! Enjoy your collection. It's lovely!

    We live on what's called the La Mesa Agglomerate, it's all over this city, on the scrape side of the "Scrape and Fill" of a development hillside. That agglomerate is were lots of cobbles come from that are in the back wall and along the flower beds. I love those cobbles too. I go collect them when I can which isn't often anymore. Other people beat me to them, plus I'm too old to pick up truly humongous ones now. Rocks make great collections!


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