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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three months of Changes, Disorderly Conduct, and Disorganization.

First!  I must say, this (the link below) is what I want to do next year.  This and this alone!  But first, I have to BUY a Smart Car.  That's the tricky part.

Smart Car Cozy

Secondly, the New Year's Resolutions I enthusiastically rolled out and embraced in December of 2011,  have been limping along for the first three months of 2012.  This is both good and bad.  I had another three days chopped out of my week's worth of "spoon" management" - see the side bar for definitions- but with that came great rewards in the mental, physiological, and spiritual regimes.  I joined a gym, was talked into a personal trainer by DH- the knee dictated it- and this has become a God Send.  And,  I'm helping my sister to cope.

The change was that I started a weekly routine of exercises that has the potential to, and regularly does, take away far too many spoons.  People who use Spoon Theory to calculate how much they have to rest to compensate for their body's rebellions and all out wars when it's forced to do ANYTHING,  are familiar with all of this.  My body is throwing the proverbial book at my head!

But, the good news is that, with the help of a trainer a couple times a week, I'm regaining abilities that I thought were gone forever.  G. keeps me on track and thinking positively about lots of stuff besides strength training.  I think of him as my Zen Sensei, and wise beyond his years - an Old Soul.

The Thirteen Resolutions-Quarterly Report.  A "Reality Sucks Play" in thirteen Acts:
  1. I’m not going to get those sweaters done by June. It’s just not going to happen.  But, I might get the Noro Silk Gardens sweater done, just barely.   Besides some little bitty rabbits, the Noro is the next project WIP to get my full attention after Hedgerow socks.  Then comes the Manly/ Beastly overlap.  All this is just a guess right now, as long as life doesn’t lead me down the primrose path or something.  You know, take me behind the bleachers and beat me up or any of the other things Life does on a whim.  To be honest, I'll be lucky to get a pair of socks done out those patterns packs I made up.

  2. I have got all the materials together for the quilt but have not done a stitch. Since I want to make curtains for my sewing room that look like THESE, I have to at least get the sewing machine set back up and clear both the way to it and the desk it sits on.  Things got out of hand in that corner..again!  This is what happens when a limb gets a replacement joint and a normally comfortable tight spot feels like a very tiny closet.

  3. I’ve not got anything done to organize more than a single set of metal shelves in the main part of the SR, and re-organize the stuff on top of the craft table in the small part of the room.

  4. Haven’t started the needlepoint but I have the products and materials all IN SIGHT.  I've even located the tiny light table! Gor Blimey!!!

  5. I've Moved the chair and spinning wheel to a better place for light, and then started going to the gym. *tosses hands into the air, filled with her own hair.  *Looking down. Wonders aloud, "Can I spin this?" *

  6. I always look for "Beauty" but, more importantly, I've have stopped looking for “Ugly”.  "Ugly" is ubiquitous, and usually screaming for attention, but I don’t want to see it anymore. So, I intend to step over and around it to get to "Beauty".  If "Ugly" stubs it's toe and does a comedic pratfall, I'll Post about that after stepping over or around it.

  7. I have not started any new knitting except for a pair of Jane’s Hedgerows. But I’m not knitting the WIPs either. Found new cat toys but haven’t knitted them yet. I've down loaded some Alan Darts. Does this count!??  Please say it does!  And adorably cute mochimochi bunnies?  Do They?

  8. I’ve made the sock kits, ala Helen of Troy, and have nearly got a half sock knit of the first kit.  Never you mind that this was also heralded as a sock of the month Thinga!  *puffs out her feathers and clucks menacingly*

  9. Cards? I said I would make cards? *hysterical laughter ensues, followed by hiccuping * The table, mentioned in the original Manifesto for 2012, is neatly organized but still piled about two and a half feet high with supplies for a multiplicity of crafts that have NOTHING whatsoever to do with crafting cards. I joined Jacquie Lawson’s site instead. *slaps self over the audacity of this move!*

  10. I've ended discussions with The Man about the side yard and am pushing with all my pent-up dissatisfaction to get that project marked “Done” and X off by the end of this year. Yay me!

  11.  I’ve picked colors for the hall way, and color for the dining area. My next step is to wash the walls and buy the paint, which I WILL do, and with or without permission to go Mild Orange somewhere Big like the Central room.  The Central room is the old part of the house before the Big Room got added. 

  12. I am listening to my body more, and it tells me in this squeeky, whining voice that it needs lots and LOTS of rest now. "Now" meaning "right Now!" since I've dragged it to the gym twice a week, to my sister’s and to ceramics,  it now needs more rest - as in flat out inertia!  My body rebels by pitching Charley Horses and Sciatica fits, and I just keep push back when I have to, and go comatose the rest of the time. I feel like one of those shaggy haired old ladies who just wander from room to room inside their house, mumbling to themselves about the old days when "I had all this ENERGY!", or they sit and doze in the comfy chair as their tea gets cold and their book falls to the floor, bouncing past their fuzzy slippers and scaring the Bejesus out of the dog.

  13. Weight, Oh My.  My weight goes up a couple and down a couple of pounds but I’m not losing anything. I’ve discovered that I like pretzels very much. (Too much, apparently!) I’m sure that the Spark People have kicked me out. Haven’t been there in something like five months.  I need to get back there to remind me that there IS life after the Election!  There is, right?  I hate politics, it infests everything in life now, even Health care is political.  Having a tooth ache is not, so be sure to visit your dentist.  Eat all the sugar you can find.  It might save you.  Good night.  
You will not believe the fight that blogger put up when I copy and pasted this in here from a word document.  That is why the paragraphs are so ungainly!  Every time I tried to make a new one, the darn processor put up another number, in series, and then went beserk by changing all the already numbered items below it, starting back at 1!  

Spelling is the property of the brain, and the brain is not working.  We must all cope with these big blobs of fat from time to time, and treat them as daintily as we would two year olds, which is what they really are.  It's the brain.  The fingers are innocent!

Good night!


  1. 'A SPOON full of sugar makes the medicine go down...medicine go down...' Hahahaha...on all levels of that! Your Magic 13 is impressive! ...spoons or gallons? LOL my favorite is #6 Yep, the poor fingers- they really are always blackmailed into doing things aren't they?

  2. Yes, our poor fingers. Whatever that big brain thinks up, the fingers must do. I guess it's good that we've evolved a bit, from using them to pick fleas out of each others' fur to using them to knit. Hmm? pick fleas? knit?

    About that sugar thing. I'd just read that the per capita consumption in the US is 100 pounds, and since I don't come any where NEAR that much, everyone else us welcome to my left-overs. hehe


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