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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You can trust the FDA, yes?

The FDA is a very unfortunate department of our self government.  Oh, come on, you know that a Democracy is Self government, yes?  Well, the FDA is a terrible department, and it's because of who does the major portion of their research (Big Pharma) and to whom they look for "leadership" (Big Pharma provides money and "aid"n the form of research on the very substances that they want the FDA to approve).

If you take supplements when everything else failed you, this will be important to you.  If not, you might care anyway because we are all getting older AND the longer a person takes synthetic aspirin, the more likely the allergy to it will develop.... 

This is the latest thing that the FDA has done.

A quote from same, as few people tend to read things to the end:

" If DMAA is proven to be unsafe, it should be removed, plain and simple. If it is a New Dietary Ingredient, then by all means it should go through the NDI notification process as outlined by DSHEA. But let’s just stop this nonsense about it being illegal because it’s a synthetic botanical—that is not a requirement of DSHEA. That requirement comes only from FDA, and it is not supported by law.
Here’s the crux of the matter: If FDA fully enforces this guidance as drafted, we will likely lose between 22,240 and 41,700 nutritional supplements  from the market, at an economic loss of between $5.6 billion and $10.5 billion; the nutritional supplement market could shrink by between 28% and 52.5%, producing an annual loss for the industry of between $7.84 billion to $14.7 billion; and between 55,720 and 104,475 jobs in the supplement industry could be lost.
Let’s be clear: this is not about DMAA. This is the FDA setting in motion its draft guidance, which threatens our access to more than half of the supplements we all need to stay and get healthy."

Yes, Gasp, they went back on their word.  The article tries to explain why they did and just who will benefit.  So much for the People's Right to Know who is gnawing off their democracy's legs.  Don't look under the table, not just yet.  Just trust me, it's not termites.


  1. urg...not suprised. I'm thinking Canada mail orders would be on the rise! now the 'governments' push for tax on sugar drinks...as if it's not enough not to buy those things. The cost to the companies will be passed for sure elsewhere!

  2. I know, it's painful to be getting hit with hikes in food products. Drinks are mainly marketed heavily to children, as are highly sugared cereals, so parent's groups are now alarmed and have asked for more regulation on amounts of sugar in their children's foods, and indirectly in their own. The government is the only thing powerful enough to force the food industry to take notice, because the food industry has the big bucks to sabotage any popular movement, especially with the kids on their side through advertizing.

    As to costs being pushed around to other products, the owners of the soft drink labels will only hurt themselves if they do, since the "Local and Fresh" movement is only just getting off the ground, and WILL grow exponentially. This is because it's always made sense and people realize it. Our grandmothers grew 30-40% of their own food, and kids actually love gardens. Coca Cola owns big export veggie businesses in Central and South America and they aren't the only ones who do. They can be hurt.


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