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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Tails and Alberta Gnomes.

Tuesday Tails will be told here.  But first, something completely different:

Today, while looking for Alberta Gnomes in a search of those two words.  I found THIS thread on a truly manly site.... it's a gas!

I'm still looking for Gnomes for the garden, and not the pug ugly ones I can get locally.  Alberta Molds Company makes the best ones I've ever seen.  The web site for the "Gnomes Gone Wild" thread just happens to be in Alberta Canada, and the rest, well, as they say, was Kismet.  And, no, Gnomes have no discernible tail, maybe a nubbin one like humans do but nothing that shows on the outside.

Wolfie, however, does have a lovely tail.  That tail and the fact that he has no fingers on his front legs nor toes on the back ones (and all that multi colored curly hair all over aside) he has the look (big, round, brown eyes) of a child of 6 months, and the general intelligence of a one year old.  He even waves his short legs around (all four of them) very sweetly if we dare turn our gaze.  One thing we love about him is that he will lie on his back in our arms for at least an hour (if we let him), looking up adoringly into our eyes.  It's a steady, virtually unblinking gaze.  I was telling one of my doctors about this amazing behavior once upon a time, and she said, "That sounds just like my baby girl."

I think his vocalizing means mostly, "Please, please Hold me!", "Please PLEASE Pet Me!" or "It's time to feed Me, PLEASE, PLEASE!!"   There is also the leg clinging, "PLEASE take me with you!!",  accompanied by some serious vocalization.   There is no cunning in him, except that of being able to forage under the dining table after we have our evening meals.  He will go out to get a drink, then stop for "snacks" on the way back to his cuddler in the room we are in.  He's been chased out from under that table so many times now that he has resorted to stealth, and night recons.  By snacks, I mean anything that weighs so much as a micron.

Poodles are water dogs, and those guys have amazing noses.  The noses evidently work well on land, too.  Shi Tsu's are companion dogs, bred by the Tibetans for being ragdoll, hold like a baby little stare at your eyes face lickers.  You've got to love these little mixes.

Those Big Brown Binocular Eyes

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