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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Matinee... "Cowboys and Aliens"

Cowboys and Aliens is based on a novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.   Though there is an argument over this, don't let it distract you.  This film isn't sketchy in the least. The excellent Director, Jon Favreau needs some kudos for fantastic work in the tight shots and keeping all the horses from dying,  just joking, Jon.  And no, you don't know me.   He skillfully directed what is a great cast and some of the scummiest outlaws since "True Grit".

The film has all the elements you would expect of something that Lucas Films, and his Electric Light and Magic Studios could put their hands to.

It's also got lightning fast action, both spectacular and explosive.  The tender moments are mainly between the father/son and grandfather/grandson, as well as a few flash back remembrances of main character Jake Lonergon, played by Daniel Craig, of his sweetheart.

There is nothing hokey about "Cowboys and Aliens", despite the bordering on comic title.  It's a solidly built and intense Thriller as well as a Western of the truest tradition.  There are incredibly terrifying aliens who have come to mine gold, to study as well as to eat humans, according to someone whom I will call "The Warning Woman"- played by Olivia Wilde.   She tells the outlaws, cowboys and the Chiricahua, the last of whom are portrayed, in part, by the Mescalero Apache tribe (yes, it's in the credits) that the aliens consider humans "no more than insects".

Every actor makes you believe in their character's back story.  This film is well acted, well crafted and, despite the lawsuit of copyright infringement, completely absorbing.

I sort of didn't like Harrison Ford's character, Colonel Dolarhyde.  I was hoping, at first, that they aliens would add his hide to their collection and eat him, but grew tolike him more toward the end.  My personal favorite, Hottie Adam Beach, did well as a thoroughly whipped Indian guide accepting mistreatment at the hand of the Colonel until the reasons unfolded for his admiration of the man.

And Harrison Ford still in the saddle at his age.  Fantastic!

The flashbacks didn't leave you guessing, as some will, but they filled in the missing pieces of the puzzle in a surreal and dreamlike way.

Lovely film.  It deserved to do much, much better than it did.

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