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Kilgore Trout

~~ " In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”" ~~
Saint Augustine

~~ “Nobody would do anything if they knew what they were in for.” ~~
"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Komeekz, and We got rain!

I do know that our little Wolfie Rescued the two of us!
Patrick McDonnell's website has a place where you can order prints of his dailies, on good thick paper suitable for framing. I got one for Mr. Zippi for Father's Day a couple years ago.  I think I'll get this one for Moi!  Mr. McDonnell does a lot of stuff for animals, too.   Poke around his website?
Skywatcher post.
Clouds and wind during the day after strong showers at 5 am
 Rain is life giving in a desert.  We celebrate it, and feel nothing but sorrow for the East Coast that just got hammered with way WAY too much of "nature's fecund blessing" - a quote from the movie, "Cold Comfort Farm"

 Plus, we have an update on the Christmas Van and more activity at the (alien) water tower:

More on the interesting life of The Van of the Man Who Loves Christmas:

 We have seen the owner, and he looks like a very young Santa Claus, on vacation.
  He is an actor, I believe.  Maybe he's a set builder, and artist, too!

There is activity at the Space Ship, disguised as a water tower;  it has mysteriously accumulated more clouds.  No one that I've talked to has actually seen the Aliens adorning their ship but there are definitely more clouds on it.  The clouds go all the way around now.  Do you think they are planning to stay on Earth?  Do you think this is good thing, or bad?   Are they going to beam up all the food?   The Beer?

I see that it's listing to the right, too.  What does this mean!!??
Maybe they are making a salt water tank out of our water tank, to beam up all the dolphins?

This is FINALLY knitting weather I tell you!  I'm back at it!

My DD is going, maybe, to live on the East Coast.  I'm torn between wanting her to be happy, and thinking that is just so damn far away.  I've put into the hands of the Creator.  I can't deal with it.

Must go knit...


  1. Oh Lordy! What that water tower really needs is a knitted cozy around it ;) I like the idea of a spaceship there maybe they could take those of us on the same page away ;) ..awwww, I agree East coast is just too damn far away!!!

  2. You have given me an idea, though it would take a ship load of yarn. lol I wish there was another parallel planet for same page peeps.. oh yes indeedy. And thank you for understanding, though your DD is sometimes Reaaaally far away. hugs!


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