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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tails. Wolfie, A Marmoset, a program to save birds in California

I just asked Wolfie, "Where's Poppa?"
You can tell he's thinking deeply, and listening for his Poppa..

Wolfie is very attached to his Poppa.  When DH leaves him with me in the car, he waits with all his doggie radar arrayed for the first sound of the alpha male's return.  Wolfie's no Mama's boy.  You should hear them when they sleep together in the Lazy Boy at night.  They both snore softly and just look so at peace.  On DH's birthday, they climbed Cowles Mountain together.  When we leave him, Wolfie wraps his front feet around his Poppa's leg and begs to go with us.  I'd say they are bonded.

Isn't he adorable?
I will be very unhappy to know this is photoshopped, and they aren't really this tiny.
On the other hand, I'd love to have one of these little guys clinging to my finger.  A tiny marmoset, clinging to the edge of my jacket pocket could make me pretty happy; though I love The Wolfie and he loves me in a second best way.

One day when we were walking through the swap meet, a seller reached over and handed me a small rat.  That little baby dove into the pocket of my field jacket, turned right side up inside, popped out his head, and clung to the edge.  Since we had rats at home, the ploy didn't work.  But, the same seller had pocket parrots for sale that did the same thing, and you just KNOW I wanted one of them.  Bird allergies have almost always kept me from having a bird except a rare few.  Of course, I love them in an insane degree!  It's a {virtual}"Falling down kicking and screaming because I can't have one that cute" degree.

For the birds:  Audubon of California and some of the Central Valley farmers have gotten together a program to save birds, and it's working!  HERE a LINKIE  to Audubon's web page about the program.

The whole of California, and all 840 miles of it's coast, is on the very important Pacific Flyway, and this new program is vital to birds.  So, here's to the participating farmers and Audubon itself. I'm giving them all a "Heroes for the Planet" Award!

We went to Fitness yesterday, and I can stand on that half ball for minutes on end now.  I can lift 70 pounds at the final set of 15 so I'm getting stronger!  Yay! Today, I don't lift anything heavier than a paint brush.

Hope you have a good week getting ready for Christmas.  It might rain this week, so Yay!

There's a storm coming....


  1. 840 miles of CA coast...for some reason I have never thought of that. awww, Wolfie...I needed to see his picture today!

  2. Hi PJ! Actually the coast, if you count the tidal shoreline, is 3478 miles long. That's a whopper. So it's got a LOT of shorebird habitat, too.

    Wolfie sends you a some lovin' and cuddles. I'm sorry that he and dear Nugget didn't get to meetup.


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