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Monday, December 24, 2012

Voice of San Diego on homelessness . Room at the Inn?

 Linkie follows:

Emails from a Newly Homeless Woman - Voice of San Diego: San Diego's Communities

I'm certainly counting my blessings and will find someway, other than financially that we already do, to help out.  Rachel's house accepts many things, and always needs help, funds and blankets etc.  Ask before taking clothing though.

My sister and I are trying to find a local woman's center to take  Comfort dolls.  That link downloads a pattern for them from SewNews.  It's not the one I am using because I like THESE dolls best.  This is the original site before the lady who ran it became completely overwhelmed, God Bless her soul.  The new site is on the side bar button and is wonderful, too.  The two women who have been instrumental in keeping this going are Angels.

Angels! I tell you!!

I have only two resolutions for 2013, and those are: to finish the sweaters and, two, make these dolls with my sister  We will find a local shelter or center to give them to.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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