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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More trip: Pottery and Books Read, and Bee's Wax adventures

I wanted to share the Local Foods Movement show, but first the potter.  He was a droll sort of fellow, and when I told him I would be blogging about his pottery, and would he mind, he said, "You are going to blog me?  What does that mean?"  He turned to someone else in the booth and said, "She's says she's going to blog me."  Then he looked at me, and I snapped the worried look.  He was, of course, only teasing.   The encounter was fun and entertaining.  He's very fun to talk to.

My new cup. 
First thing I drank from it was a cup of coffee!

The Potter Modelling for me.
He's pretending that getting blogged might hurt.

His tables.
His pottery is very popular and very Beautiful, too!
I wanted several more pieces!

Reading and no knitting.  My hands were still recovering.  So, I had a lot of great books to read.

The DD's gave me Dead Ex, and I was so pleased with this sort of "Miss Marple, channeling Sam Spade, meets Hollywood" tale that I'll certainly read more of Harley Jane Kozak's mysteries.

Donna Leon's latest, Beastly Things, did not disappoint.  As per usual, Brunetti always gets the culprit while traveling a thoroughly entertaining and thrilling path.    

True Nature Stories is a great book if you love interactions that are unusual, and kind, between wild animals and humans who are caring. 

Do Fish Drink Water? is a collection of writings about questions that started to arrive at Bill McLain's desk.  He was the Webmaster at Xerox and became very popular with his dedication to answering every question that crossed his desk.  It's a wonderful book to have around when you are trying to get a "time out" from the madmen in Washington.  I don't include the Prez, nor all the Congress, just sayin'.

Maeve Binchy's last book, before her death - something I was shocked to find had happened - is the last one in the pile, A Week in Winter.

I'm truly going to miss this writer.  She could remove you from the world of "WAY TO BIG AND MEAN TO UNDERSTAND", and bring your mind down to the level of a whole Village full of people who worked things out together.  I'm now reading one of her other books I'd missed (while wallowing in Washington DC Ills and Evils) called, Minding Frankie .

Five books I read while lazing about.
I was happy to be away from Politics and Economics!
I was having trouble finding Bee's wax at the Farmer's Markets.  It was at the Monterey Market but we didn't do that trek this year.  So... when we were out and about the town with Bee, we were looking for a leather shop that sold patterns.  Bee wanted to get some leather and a pattern for making moccasins for Elle.  While we looked round for the leather works we found a Candle maker.  She sold me a good lot of her scrap which I can melt down into hearts and flowers for beading and seamstress friends.  I was very happy to find this shop because of being almost out of bee's wax!   The hemp is from a lot that DH bought to make something but it had gotten lost for several years under his seat in the Bounder.  So, I have adopted it to make necklaces with, and any other whatnot that comes to hand.  Lovely stuff!
Wax from the Candlemaker's shop,
and a lucky find under the driver's seat.
More tomorrow, from the Cabrillo Market Local Foods show, but I have to tell you, here in SoCal, we got rain!  It was glorious, fantabulous October Rain!   Two days, or nights rather, it has rained. 

Clouds Break to ReBuild Yesterday

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