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Friday, December 27, 2013

Books! How I love them...Jambo Mama review

I like books.  It's hard to let one go but for the greater good, sometimes I will do that!  I'll let one go visit at least.  Some of my P.D. James' are going  North with the full proviso that they do not get re-cycled but returned. 

I've plugged in a scan of the cover of what I'm reading now.  The photo below is what I just finished reading:

The story telling is very good, and this is a wonderful story.   It is about the author's 6 years in Kenya.

I just have a small gripe about the editing, or proof reading or both.  Perhaps it was even the typesetting, if such a thing even exists anymore.   Leaving out words, however small, or misspelling them, is not good.  But the story telling is SO good that this is worth the small irritation that perfection deems correct "effrontery" when a reader encounters such mistakes in a book.  And, I can understand this fault, after all, I'm not the best blogger in the world for actually including all the tiny words that race through the mind to the fingers on the keyboard. 

All that aside, I love books about Africa and hadn't read one in such a long time.  I'm so glad this one found it's way into the Book Sale and DH found it for me.* The author, Melinda Atwood, tells of her life in a very personal and touching way.   I grew to like (love comes closer, in truth) this woman very much in the end.  She withstood that colonial "European Way of Doing Things" so well that I wanted to jump up and cheer her on.  

*I can't go to these sales because I'm crazy.  I don't even cook anymore, and I buy cookbooks -  that kind of crazy!

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