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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday rant about a rut I've fallen into. UPDate...

This Tuesday rut- routine - of going to ceramics to accomplish practically nothing has to change.  I want to do other things with the time other than traveling in a car to go do something that's getting more difficult by the year to do.  My tender hands want to sew, knit, work in the garden, and paint the house.

I'm very dissatisfied with myself for having so many of what one could only call "hobbies" now that there is no longer a business to drain off the production.  There, a public rant about having too many crafts in life which complicate it.  I'd like to stay home and work on plant pots and just fire once or twice a year!

Lord, surely there is a Tuesday meme that would fill the rest of the page!   I feel like life is just too complicated now, and I want to get rid of things from it.  Also, I guess the Midwest/Eastern weather has me shocked and dismayed.   I'm sorry for all the creatures who cannot get warm enough.  I hope the birds are OK, for instance, as well as Fuzzerelly's outdoor rabbits.

picture source
In case anyone wondered what a melt down was like, now you can see one online!  

  I found something for a meme, sort of.  Tuesday is a hard day to fill, isn't it?

It's a grey sort of day, ya think?  I need to go watch something on Netflix.  Oh, an Asteroid hit the earth but it was little.  Keep enjoying the little things from Space!

What else is new?  I'm cleaning the sewing machine tables.  But just where will all that stuff go?  Looking at that room is to realize that I'm certifiably insane.

When the twins were here, my daughter told me that I'm a packrat.  She's a crafter and should understand these things!  I was awash both with indignation and chagrin.  Do you know how many colors your face turns when this event occurs?


  1. You know? You are who you are. If all those things make you happy, good. If you want to get rid of them, put an ad in the paper. Also, if it took your daughter this long to notice it, then you can't be much of a pack rat. (And I won't let you look in my basement!:))

    1. Aww, thank you k! You are right. It's a word put into her head from somewhere else. I know I'm not a packrat and neither is she. She has NO idea what a packrat really is. And a basement full doesn't qualify either. That's what the heck basements are for. You would not believe how many woodworkers/crafters/artists/seamstresses in California wish THEY could have a basement. Those big beautiful spaces are for hobbies and the furnace. Right? Darn Right! I wish all the artists and crafters of the world a full sized BASEMENT!

  2. Thank you for the kind wishes for those of us in the frozen bits of the US. I saw Boo Boo today, near the entrance of a culvert, and I took her some food. She seemed just fine. Yay!

    1. Oh thank you, Fuzzarelli, for letting me know! I hope you see Brownie soon, too. I know it's getting warmer so I'm wishing you lots of toasty toes and fingers, and nice hot cuppas. Spring is on the way, only one and a half months to go.

  3. Thanks for info about solar dyeing. Probably here in Oregon I will have to wait til there's some solar out there (July?) but have other stuff to begin on!

    My husband was a potter for a year and a half, right when the recession began. Yeah. Good times.

  4. You're very welcome, Kim, and have fun with the solar dyeing when the weather's more summery. Oh my, pottery is so lovely a craft. It's fun but 'tis hard to make money on that back breaker. My neighbor was a potter/sculptor then started a foundry to make BIG pieces - Horse and rider big and better money. All of Art is a rewarding life. But, as you know, there's not a lot of money in it, unless you own the patent on that famous yellow glaze. Whew! There's "do re me" in that one.


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