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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Actual knitting content, and Tuesday Tails: How to Play with the big, wild animals and Maybe, just Maybe not get eaten.

I write late at night and miss mistakes.  Sorry I also don't EDIT until morning, having fallen, totally exhausted, into bed with my eyes blurry.

Mr. Z and I have been watching the reality show, "My Cat From Hell", and these cats are nothing like the big ones, ferocious as they may be.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  Huff Post Good News Spot.

Animal Tails: My daughter sent me something else about unusual Human/Other Earthling interactions.  READ it here, it's good for the heart but beware, there are potentially upsetting things about it, and if you follow all the side posts, You may find some REALLY bad news amongst the stories, as well as (gasp!) some bad language.

I find it odd that people who do these things are always expecting that their encounters with dangerous animals will not end up as a Horrible news headline.  This is because, unfortunately, for all their emoting, and loving, they just don't speak animal language that well, especially animal BODY languages, which are all different for most species.

After all, body language results in odd behavior in closely related bird species, which then start a divergence between species, not bonding.  And this usually results in Odd birds being ignored or rejected as a mate.  In human/animal bonding, it's OK when the animals we are bonded with aren't capable of a fatal play swipe.  A Macaw can detach a finger but it usually doesn't open up an artery in the neck, too.

Anyway, read with caution.  One thing it did help me out on was the pronunciation of Roibos Tea!

Today, I received more lovely material remnants and even some leathers from a couple who have been collecting and passing out furniture samples to groups who then turn said samples into totes, vests or purses.  I'm passing some along to The Fábrica, a Santa Cruz Sewing Co-op, when we next go there.

Organizing things:
I'm so thrilled to be getting the sewing room back in order, too.  I'm working on it a little every day, and I can already see an improvement in the sewing machine area.  It's not a giant space but it is well put together if I just don't pile things up on the cutting table and machine tables.  The Tables form a C in part of the room and that configuration works nicely.  I even found the dress form, under hats and other things, scarves etc, in the other part of the room.  I thought that sometime before my knee operation, I'd tossed it!  Usually I know where every single thing is in that room.

Knitting Report:
I've gotten the stitches counted for the neckline on the Noro Sweater.  Half of them are on, and I'll work on the other half tomorrow, God willing and the Crick don't Rise.   While at Jo-Ann's today to buy a new Rotary cutter and blades at half price- they are SO EXPENSIVE even then! - I ogled some of that scarf making yarn.  How it works I can't decide,  It widens I suppose.

And knit picks had the perfect little purses to knit for girls as a downloadable pattern.   Check it out!

I'm through with large projects after these sweaters, but small things look like something I can make.   I'm getting excited about knitting again.  Lord knows I have enough yarns!

A tiny portion of the Sock Yarn

Have a great Tuesday!  I'm going to finish some ceramic things and get them into a Kiln!

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