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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Tails... Dolphin Tale... Wolfie tails, and a cat raising a baby squirrel.

DH found this movie at Netflix.  If you haven't seen it already, it is a very inspirational film about a community that came to together over a little tailless dolphin called Winter.  It's called Dolphin Tale.  Kids of all ages will love this film.  And, another film, a sequel called, "Dolphin Tale2"  will be arriving in the middle of September.

Wolfie tails:  He's doing better but a lot of gunk is still coming out of his eye in the morning.  But we think he has turned the corner on this- and he should with three kinds of medicines two of which he does not like, "thank you very much" and will squirm like a little otter to get away from them. The fire engine red tissues around his eye are down, too.  They are just a little red but mostly pink.

 Here's a picture of is foot as he slept on the bed this morning.

Wolfie's back feet are bigger than his front feet, and though it may be normal for dogs to have things this way (and I'm not sure that it's not), it still seems odd for a little peg-legged dog to have such big back feet.  This sort of reminds me of the Audi commercial about the Doberhuahua mix, though admittedly, THAT dog was bigger on the front half!.   That thing was hilarious.

The knitting report:  Having sewn the sweater parts to each other across the shoulder seams.  I had a scare.  I feel like I'm wrestling an octopus so ended up getting the side of the sleeve against the side seam.  Mon Dieu!  They didn't match and finally, after swallowing my heart, I realized the mistake, and pinned things together properly.  I will NEVER AGAIN make a sweater that isn't done in the round as much as possible.  With the Noro being space dyed, I hope that's the right term, it would have come out with even thinner stripes; I just had to knit it in pieces.
Slightly Fish Eyed Photo: Sweater inside out
Tomorrow, with my hands having had one day rest, I will be sewing up those long seams.  Also, this is not knitting related but sewing,  is that I've found a whole box of mending that is about ten years old.  If we haven't had any urgent use for that stuff in all those years, they are going out of this house to be recycled as rags.

Now for the Baby Squirrel raised by a cat:  It's lovely!

Thanks Pina!

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