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William Wordsworth Longfellow

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Komeekz- Health Care, the NNT site, and Passive Aggressive Funnie from Bizarro

Wheren't we just talking about this?  But of course this is irony and not so funny.  We are none of us happy about what's been going on around here with a family member.  I hope the BDG (Bad Doctors Group) just gives us a break, already!

Today I went to get a blood test, and ended up reading about a site called the  NNT  written by the Director of Clinical Research of Mt. Sinai's School of Medicine.  He helped to developed the site so that anyone can look at a drug to see the rate of success in treatment, the NNT, is for it.  I'm going to be studying this site to get an idea about the many things I take.  Here is a Guided Tour, and explanation of what NNT stands for.

Leave it to Bizarro!  
Have a great Sunday y'all!

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