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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday Tails...

Tuesday Tails... Many Questions....

Late last night I was watching a show called "Animal House"  We watch a few episodes every night.  And, I saw what was potentially one of the sweetest dogs I've ever seen having to be put down.  The kind people who had to do this didn't want to.  But, he was a pit bull.  No one had claimed him in the days he was there.  He couldn't be, or was too dangerous, maybe, to be, socialized; or perhaps there just weren't enough resources for him in the system?

The year we adopted Wolfie, there was a little Pit puppy, about ten weeks old,  who had one black ring around his eye, and was the perfect image of a pitbull from the early "Our Gang" films. He was adorable.  My only comfort was that he was in the Humane Society, and would not be killed.  I wanted that puppy so badly.  It was like..... HERE. IS. MY. DOG!

But we couldn't get him.  Another little life had called us there.  I only regret that we couldn't really afford to get both of them.

First day Home, from the Pound- October 2009
Wolfie was very ill but oh so willing to please

July, 2010- and fully feathered!  He's listening for his Pappa.
2012- Wolfie's "Can I have a Cookie" Face!
Could you resist that little face?

Beauty Pageant snap
It breaks my heart that any dog or cat has to be born that will not be loved and cared for, and socialized, as they are very specialized earthlings.  Humans bred them all for our species to use, as pets or as working animals.  Any little pet cat or dog that will not be made to know the joy of just being played with tugs at my heart.  Wolfie, for instance, never learned to play. It seems very cruel. All pet cats and dogs were bred to work for us, and to be our companions.  It's also the closest inter-species bond there is.

I also can't imagine having to be the one to make the decisions about who lives and who must die. This horrible decision, made a hundred times a day, is done in order to make room for the thousands more incoming pets - per year - that get lost or are abandoned.

Please:  Spay, Neuter, Adopt from a shelter... for the sake of your own heart. While you're at it, get two if they're small!

And remember this.  It's not just dogs and cats. This is happening to humans, too, every year, every minute, every second. Would that all lives were precious enough to be made special by the kindness that dwells in every heart!

 It's there, that kindness, even when not perceived!  It is something we are born with.  Just watch little tiny humans as they cry in sympathy.  And, incidentally, so do dogs and cats.  They do, if you watch them carefully enough.  They try to comfort you when you cry.

Question for the Ages:  As humans we've wasted a lot of time,lives, and resources picking on each other. Are we not capable of learning that we don't actually HAVE to have things this way?



  1. We are Rocco's fourth home, granted his is challenging in ways that I had never anticipated but he's part of the family now.

  2. larjmarj.. hey there!!! :-) Rocco is a very lucky fellow. Sweet! He's found his forever home, thanks to your patience and love. Huzzah!


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