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William Wordsworth Longfellow

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Tails... A small biopic on Wolfie and a dog surfing video... California Dogs go Surfing!

Wolfie is missing his papa.  In the morning or afternoon Mr. Z disappears out the front door without him and Wolfie gets depressed.  He sits on Mr. Z's big chair, with his little head hanging over the arm and eyes wistfully looking toward the front door, waiting, waiting.
Wolfie, with his Far Away, "Where's Papa?" Look

Nothing I do can cheer him up, even when he gets his treat from me he's always subdued, quiet, and listening.  "What is going on", he seems to be thinking.

Soon all will be well again in Wolfie's world, but right now some serious stuff is happening, and I'm sure that the little guy is trying to figure out if he is OK with the pack order, so I am extra gentle with him.

The pack order can be disturbed in ways that a human never even thinks about.  For instance, Wolfie is not in the "hunt" pack.  He's in the "Guard the Den" pack, and he's a very fierce little guardian, and all.  But, like me, that is not anywhere near the Alpha level in the most important pack of all.   He loves me, and guards me like a little Dragon...

But, he's always had eyes for Mr. Z.

Maybe if anyone had taught him to play when he was a little puppy, or even as a young dog, he would be happier.  He does not play with toys or even sticks, ever!

Except at the beach he bounces around and goes aerial.  At the beach he is just insanely happy!  We want to take him there but at 6am it's a little hard to do.  Poor little fellow.  We think he might have been a beach bum at his first home.  Surfer Dog even!  (sorry the first video was not compatible)  New One of San  Diego Surfing Dogs!

Have a great Week, and remember to think Spring!

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