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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Tails, Pretty flowers, Wolfie's raincoat, Knitting progress

Rho sent some cuter than cute dogs, and some cats, sleeping.  So,here, for your delight, I present a couple, or three, or maybe four?  Enjoy!

Protecting his food supply

Double Decker

Triple Decker

Doggie Yoga: Pretzel Pose
And of course, Wolfie, sleeping.   He turned his back on me because I had put his raincoat on him for a Photo-Op.

He does not like his Raincoat, but tolerates it because, being a feral dog who can grow extremely long, curly body hair, he remembers what it was like to be out in the rain and wet for days on end.  This, while all the hours of the day trying to convince humans to give him something to eat.  He must have been quite a sight, looking like a walking, matted, mohair wool snarl and smelling just as bad.  This wee fellow doesn't even want so much as a mist falling upon his back, and he'll not even  step one foot into a puddle.  Wolfie no longer does this but he used to lick dew off the long grass.

He hates rain and all it's permutations!

An amazing guy we know sent some flower snaps from the Rhodie garden he and his wife volunteer garden at.  The Rhododendrons and Azaleas and other spring flowers are blooming.  I don't know which this is but it's gorgeous!  Thank you's to Coz!  If you've ever seen "Raising Arizona", and watched the Biker slam to a stop to pick a flower growing in the middle of the road, you know how delightful any guy's love of the beauty of flowers can be to a female of the species.

Make it BIG and dive in!
And, some other pretty harbingers of Spring
from the same garden, same Photographer.

And a Rose from my sister's garden complex

This picture is somewhat diminished by
"Photographer's Thumb" Syndrome.
Mine, Oooops!

And, Tiny succulent blossoms from the Itty Bitty Crowd.

Teensy Succulent not sure of the type

Well, this is a real Cactus, Beaver's Tail, I thought.
Now I'm just not sure!
All the succulents and Bromies are blooming, but you've seen them enough already! Ad nauseam!  These are new.

Knitting progress...
One thing I won't present, ad nauseam, is the knitting of sweaters.  When I get each piece done, with the Fran's Ten Minute Rule, I'll post it.  After today that is....

The pink left front of Stardust, so far:

When it's off the needles, and I've started the right front, I'll post again about knitting.  It won't be long since it's a short cardi.

Have a great week!

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