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William Wordsworth Longfellow

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Milagro Beanfield War

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Navajo Blessing

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is it Tuesday already?

This is no trick question. Time slips past me in a blur.  And this will ramble because, frankly, it's too late for it not to.

 I've been working on many things, nothing medical, thanks to God, but things that are tiresome and also exciting.  They are not noteworthy but count to me as if they were coups.  Most involve moving tiny masses into better hands, and making sure that a project to plant three buddleias (before they die) goes forward even if just by inches a day.

Today we went to ceramics while the mini wolf went to his  amazing and lovable groomer's.  I have to remember to wash his beds this time instead of letting that whole thing fall down the rabbit hole with the rest of my good intentions.

Last week, the big piece, which could be described as a "Santa and his Helpers Tree" was clear glazed and put on the shelf, and this week, while we chatted with our friends, I cleaned another Santa's choir piece and put it into the bisque fire load.  I also got some other pieces ready to bring home to do the Air brushing on-  if I can find that tool and can remember how to use it!

I've fallen off so many wagons these last three years that it's left marks all over my psyche!  I keep worrying about whether it can all be done, and have become ever lazier about actually doing things because of paralysis of Will!

Is this what second childhoods are all about?

Time has passed quickly, and now that Etsy has entered the big time with an  IPO, I've found myself actually wanting to try to make things to sell in my shop.  If I lie down for awhile I'm sure this temporary insanity will pass.

You see, I came across some old business cards with my logo on them. It brought back fond memories of good times with friends.  This is my logo for Strawberry Moon.  I named my business for my two daughters, born in in the month of the Native American's "Strawberry" moon - that being our June.

It still looks so sweet to me
I'll try to do better about posting here so that you will know I'm not dust in the cosmic wind yet.

Speaking of the cosmos, we just watched a documentary about all the new info on super-massive black holes.  It was, well, a total Gas.  Maybe you'll like it to.

Have fun fitting all that into the theory of relativity.  It all fits, by the way, and don't forget about Indra's Net, either.  Or that it fits into, "Let there be Light"!  


  1. I love your logo and yes, time does seem to slip by quickly the older I get.

  2. Thank you Wendy. I still will use it, I think. Depending on how Etsy now operates. I don't want to start another business of that same name if I have to register for their site with a business license. It's just too much to go through again.
    Time really runs right out your toes the older you get.


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