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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Tails... so you like the tortoises...

There are certain rules for having them.  No poisonous plants, lest they eat them and die.  You must let them dig big holes in your garden, Even deep and gigantic ones, as well as to let them eat all the flowers they come across, and all this without resorting to turning them upside down in revenge....

Remember these?  Well, Lucky certainly did.....

This year, he and his mother and father ate them down to a nubbin.

And these?
Gone gone gone!

Rule number one, is Dig up Tortoise nests as soon as possible.  It's kinder.

Sure, most of the babies don't hatch, and they hatch only to be carried off by Crows, Ravens, Skunks, Possums and Raccoons.

But not all of them suffer this fate.  Some of them grow up and dig holes, eat all your flowers and fight it out while knocking tools over that clank into the side of the wall (or the windows) sounding like there is a wildcat caught in a trash can in the side yard.  But they are cute.

They do go to sleep for five months of the year.  And if you don't really like day lilies and other pretty flowers, they, the torts, will eat them, the flowers, until they cannot recover, or they, the torts, will dig large and deep holes under our beloved bulb plants, and live there as the plant dies, overhead.

Be careful if you think you want a cute little baby from the internet.  If you have a paved over or cement backyard,  and make them a little house to live in, give it a try.  One of the owners of several tortoises let them dig big areas out from under his garage floor.  He can't park the cars in there anymore for fear the cars will fall through.  They sure are cute though.

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