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Sunday, May 24, 2015

I will not do Sunday Stealing today.

I'm flummoxed. I can't understand this sort of modern day "lynching" that's still ongoing, much less the sort of people who do this.  What kind of country do they fracking want!

This article was on the 22nd page of the A section in the newly sold UT.  Memorial Day indeed.  Bah!  We send armies to "free" others trapped under tyrannical masters, and we can't even stop this genocide behavior.  I'm absolutely sick about what is going on right here, Right NOW!  This is not political; it's an Outrage!


  1. You scared me for a moment. At first I read this as you won't be doing stealing any more, Glad it's just a one week hiatus for you. As for the topic at hand, the use of excessive force is really becoming outrageous- no matter how guilty or not guilty the victim is, Take care.

    1. Sorry to have scared you. And, because I was afraid of getting adverse reactions from anonymous readers, the comments were temporarily moderated, so I missed your comment until this afternoon.

      What is happening is heartbreaking. I can't understand it, so it put my mood in the dumper. I couldn't do or say much of anything fun for awhile. It's stunningly horrible but completely predictable. Also, it's very sad for all Americans to have hired guns doing this to our children and their children, because that is what is going down.


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