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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Tails... Next book...

We have a bumper crop of baby lizards this year.  We get a lot of species around here.

I think that if the cats don't catch them all before they get as big as one of their grandpappy's who used to adorn a social media page, I will be a very happy woman.  I haven't got many pictures of the babies because they are just really FAST!  Sort of like birds.  You get ready to shoot and take the snap, and it's a picture of an empty branch or birdbath.

I'm resting my crinkly old backbone, and e-reading a Donna Leon that was somehow missed in the big run up to becoming a truly bionic woman.  I refer to the knee replacement surgery after getting a metal wrist installed three years before.  Let's see, so far only two but enough to qualify.

Thanks to Goodreads Website
I think this is the best one I've read so far, though they are all spellbindingly beautiful to read.  The family time in these books is a delight, and there's a little teenager now in the Brunetti household.  hehe

That's about all.  Back to sorting, tossing and recycling.....  So far, a brilliant idea flashed through the old noggin when I was snapping off for a nap one day last week.  It involves a lot of heavy lifting so it's going to go very slowly, as we paint the walls an off white.  Goodbye forever to the faded Lavender walls of flown little birds.


  1. sort toss recycle.
    That sounds so familiar ....

    1. It's never ending in places where there are a lot of things to hunt and gather. I'm just trying to collect rusty things and pretty rocks now because these things can all live OUTSIDE! hehe

  2. Just finished reading "Blood From A Stone" and I say it's a ripping good tale, almost a no put down book.


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