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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday Tails....newest of the buddlieas bloom, and wolfie's tail, Body shop report.

Wolfie Report: We bought some new throws for the bed.  We use them over the bed clothes so that Wolfie's curly fur doesn't deposit too much leaf detritus and trail dust from his walks (and his headlong charges into the plant life along the trails) onto it and muss up the bed.

The throw turned out to have, in it's beautiful pattern, all the colors that are in his coat and tail.  I wondered why we liked it so much when we saw it in JoAnn's.  It was all our Doggie's Colors!

Wolfie wears his Coat of Many Colors very well.  Mostly he looks black all over.  Mostly, he's not.

Zippi's Body Shop Report: When Wolfie and DH go on walks, I go on a walk, too.  I think it's helping me both mentally and physically.  Also, I finally tried squeezing the knots out of the bad arm and to some extent, it's worked, so, "YayMe!"  I did it with my right hand but next time, I'll "roller" it like the Gym Trainers do.

I'll tell you this: the rollering procedure hurts like H. E. Double Hockey Sticks, but it WORKS!  So if you have knotting, cramping muscles keeping you from knitting or gardening or even putting on underarm deodorant, try it.  I got mine from doing unsupervised and very badly executed curls at the gym. Your trainer, or any trainer around there, can show you how to do this.  I quit going to the gym when I hurt myself doing unwise curls.  Cortisone didn't help this- didn't even touch it.

Garden Report: This is the newest Buddleia bloom spike.  It's called Black Knight and it's beautiful.  We bought it locally.

The last to bloomer will be the white.
I don't care about it very much.
I hope this feeling doesn't make it die.
So far, it looks as though Black Knight, of the three sold to me as TALL - meaning that the plant gets 6 to 8 feet - is the only plant that is actually a Tall.  Kudos to Kniffing's Nurseries!

After we prepare the bed, Black Knight will go into it on one end, and I will plant the shorties in the front of the existing raised bed.  They are not tall enough to make a screen against the fence but they are beautiful and are, after all, for the butterflies.

Next season, God willin' and the Crik don't rise, I will buy the rest of the talls to go into that bed!For the butterflies, hopefully we can make a Seep as well.   I'm sort of disgusted with Googling things because it is so oriented to people selling things that it's useless.  Tiny rant

Anyway, at least we have a year to get the bed built and ready. Something to look forward to I suppose.  I've been sort of in a hurry, after waiting for three years, to get some of these into the ground.  I'm not in such a hurry anymore.

And how are all you doing?


  1. Loved how the dog blended into the throw!! And that flower is beautiful. Will you have to stake it? Or will it stand up tall and straight?

  2. Thank you Paula. He's a perfect match for it. We were so pleased.

    The bush, when it's big, will hold itself up but spread out like a fan and grow into a large semi circular form. They are amazing plants. They are deciduous, and semi-woody, and they have to be cut back every March 1st so that they can grow anew into a huge thing.


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