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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tails! It's World Rhino Day! And the Wolfie report.

World Rhino Day Page

It's also a chance to spread the awareness of the Animal and its Endangered Status.

Photo is from the Link
Have a look HERE for the news....
I finally found this photo!
Wolfie Report:  Wolfie sends all his fans a little kisskiss.  He is slowing down, as I said a while ago, but he's also mellowing out.  Though he might be going deaf, I think it's just that he knows the trash trucks won't hurt him no matter how scary and noisy they are, and that, even with that big swinging arm and all the rattles of bottles falling into them, they do not run up on the curb and actually bite anyone.
Wolfie probably got a lot of his food, in his feral period, out of trash cans and such.  He may have a good reason to be afraid of trash trucks for this reason.  But, happily, those days are fading from his memory.

Don't look so shocked! Yes, trash trucks do not bite.  Honest!

 But they do smell delicious, right doggies?


  1. Wolfie is sooo adorable. And I love the new header pic, very autumn!

  2. Thank you! And Wolfie thanks you. He's the sweetest little guy, too. Except if the big dogs get too close. He attacks them. Unfond memories maybe? We have to make sure he doesn't get eaten someday by the Rotties that walk these streets, too.


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