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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday tails.. Wolfie report, and the Tort report

Wolfie report: 
The little wolf  wasn't feeling well earlier,  so, we are having a quiet day.
The iPad is bucking and wheeling about letting Picasa through its many windows so if no picture appears, I can blame the iMonster.  Cranky, sore minded apparatuses are not my favorite companions in the long, slow slide into senility.  Heehee.

The little wolf

Mr. Z, the resident computer guru, figured out part of it, and I figured out the rest.  Two heads really ARE better than one sometimes, if they can keep from barking at each other in the stress of the moment.

Tort report:  All the torts, including the little ones are still outside, and the little ones have busied themselves in the digging of a burrow.  They will be surprised at the end of the month when big human hands pull them from it, dust them off, and bring them inside to bask in their very own artificial sun.  They are still too small to over - winter and must be kept awake and fed throughout the dark and colder months of,  "The Wet".

We had a good amount of rain two weeks ago, so yesterday we planted two Buddleis, both Black Knights, only one of which is very healthy.  They spent this long, hot summer in five gallon black plastic pots.  They were well watered but the summer was brutal!  We have one other, a dwarf,  and I mean to have three more tall ones for along both fences.  This should make a fairyland of gorgeous blooms for the bees and butterflies.  I can hardly wait to see it all in bloom!

To all the Sunday Thieves and Saturday9ers:
I am coming to visit all your posts soon.  Thank you for your comments here.  They are wonderful to read.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Aww I hope Wolfie feels better soon. The dog I take care of hurt his leg the other day, but seems better now. I about had a heart attack over the whole ordeal! I think his owner took it better than I did, hehe.

  2. Oh Kara, it is so good that your doggie charge didn't badly hurt his leg. He's such an active guy, so I hope that he learns something from it. Most dog owners know they usually DON"T though. hehe

    Wolfie was better by a little afternoon, thank you, but by then the building migraine in my head had me pinned to the ropes. The medicines I take, funny thing is that one helps PREVENT migraine and the other can CAUSE migraine as a side effect. How screwy is that? Lolz, Lolz, Lolz!

    1. Yeah he slipped in some mud, poor fellow. We were worried he tore something, the vet said it was possible, but then he was better again, so I was so glad. I agree, I don't think he has learned his lesson, hehe he is at it full force again! I learned though, and throw the ball from the mud area now!

      I am glad Wolfie got better, but sorry you weren't well! Crazy medications!

  3. Dogs are smart but they can't resist it when they MUST retrieve! He looks like he has some of those Genes! hehehe

    Thanks about Wolfie, and me, too. I still feel a little like someone stuffed a golf ball up my nostril! Lol!

    1. Aww I hope you feel better soon <3 Yes he loves to retrieve...but he won't always give me the ball back, haha!


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