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Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday5! Know how?!

This is friday5. Sorry that the numbers don't make any sense but this is the ancient iPad, and all iPads have minds of their own!  I cannot make it behave!!! #%¥?!**!

If  you would like to join in, the button is in the side bar, and it s fun for a Friday.  Simply leave your link in a message at the friday5 blog site.  It's a nearly 10 year old meme!  Yay!

  1. What’s something you know how to do beneath the hood of a car?
  2. I can check the oil and transmission fluid levels, antifreeze,  and more put more fluids in if needed.  I can check the fan belt, the water pump belt, check the battery cables and look inside the cells for trouble; with older cars that have more to do and I can do those things too.  Newer cars, that's about it.
  3. What’s something you know how to fold a piece of paper into?
  4. I can make cranes and owls and paper planes, and cootie catchers.  I will be learning more asap because it's too much fun to quit when knowing so few things!
  5. What’s something you know how to do in the outdoors?
  6. If you mean gardening, I know how to make raised beds and have done it,  do French double dug beds, grow just about everything, make starts off of woody plants and anything that pups.   
  7. What’s something you know how to do with a length of rope?
  8. I know how to tie  slip knots, maybe called lariat knots, and square knots.  I have done macrame for years so most of the other knots I know come from that, not ropes.  Mr. Z, the son of a fisherman, knows MANY more useful knots.  
  9. What’s something you know how to do with a deck of cards?
  10. I wish I could tell fortunes, but alas.  I like card games like gin rummy, war, and other kid's games like war.  I can play three types of solitaire, and free cell, if it isn't a form of solitaire.

Thanks for participating! And have a terrific weekend!

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