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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday tails: Reasons.... Wolfie at sister's and the CK9 Dogs of Science!

Two really good reasons to live.  

Though I'm not trying to wish his life away, and I want him for just as long as God leaves him in our care, we talked about this to a group of women one night at the fish market we love to go to.

We can become foster parents after this little fellow.....  I can't do that heart breaking parting forever thing again after Wolfie is gathered into his ancestors.  But, I can be a foster parent to some more fuzzballs, to give them a chance to have a Good Life after their own heartbreaking experiences of being unwanted, abandoned pets.

I'm absolutely willing.

Mr. T, the little white dog up in the side bar with Wolfie, found his forever home by the simple kindness that is in the heart of my sister in law.  Mr. T, a wonderful little fellow, was left homeless by the death of his master.

We have a few more in us, I hope.  And, it's a reason to live, to be able to rescue, and help in this great need.

Check out what pound dogs are doing for Science that doesn't entail either betrayal and hurt.

 Read about Conservation, the CK9s right HERE, at the Sierra Club website.



  1. My brother has 2 rescue dogs that he loves like they are his kids! Yours and Mr. T are sweet. Have a Merry Christmas my lovely friend!!

  2. Thank you sweet friend, and a Merry Christmas to you, too!

  3. PS. Family is exactly how we tried ours, too. It's nice to be a "parent" of a three year old again. We are loving it. :-)


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