~~ "The Heart Hath it's Own Memory" ~~
William Wordsworth Longfellow

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Jeep Thrills; Suburban Skies


  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. All I see here this time of year is gray skies, sunshine is very, very scarce at the moment.

  2. You're welcome, and I'd send you a bottle or two if I could!
    It must be the Continental Divide effect you have what with the Alps and all. Hard on a tan! Did you ever hear about the Norwegian mountain community that had some huge mirrors installed on top of a mountain to shine down in the valley during the winter? Yes, true story.

    Glad you liked all the sunshine! A storm was coming in, and we got a little bit of rain from it a week ago.


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