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Friday, February 12, 2016

For Stacy.... some of my jewelry

wire wrapped fire agate

I tried a search of my blog to find these but couldn't.  They've all "debuted" here.  One of the Dichroic glass drops didn't appear on a search of my photos, but it's somewhere on the blog, too.

Some are simple earrings that anyone can do, so you should go for it!  The very bottom was made in my kiln, and more complex.

I can't find the photo of some others that were made in my kiln.  I guess I just didn't photograph them because the better cameras were not in my hands at that time!  Now, the phone camera and the little Canon SLR and even smaller Canon Point and shoot just made life a whole lot easier.

Ok, something I'm thankful for, at last.  Cameras that are lots easier and cheaper to use.

Karen, if you can't see these, I can email then all to you.   Just please let me know.  I would enjoy sharing them if you can't find them on the blog.  You are much better at finding things than I am.  I think of you as a wizard.  ;o)

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