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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Knitting report.

Ahhhh,  The what's on the needles blurb:  I'll be doing this every Wednesday until I don't knit anymore, or not.  ;o)

Having ripped back - several times - while knitting the sleeves of pink stardust, let's say that rolling back into productive knitting was been a slog!

This image is from Froggish knits, an archived blog.

Several days ago it was plain that knitting two sleeves together on circular needles was more mental stress than it was worth.  I stuffed the other sleeve on a holder and took back up only one.

The happy news is that the yarn has behaved very well even after being abused.  It's a silk bamboo from Cascade.  And the needles are the new (now probably old news since they were bought several years ago) Susan Bates double points.  I really love these needles as they are affordable, slick and very fast!  The cable connections are perfect, don't hang up, and the cable itself is flexible and smooth.

I'm still awaiting the arrival of yarn from Webs.


  1. Very pretty Hope all is going well! Hugs!!

  2. Thanks a BUNDLE for the hugs and words of encouragement, Paula. I'll email you.


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