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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday 13:

Thirteen things I think about too much.  So many questions but not enough answers.  In fact, I have no answers, just mostly questions.  These are serious and on the silly side, but give you a little insight into my world.

1. How many people will die from drinking bad water tomorrow?  This one is getting closer and closer to home than more people want to admit.  Right now the count is up to 2000 children a day who die from bad water,this according to Unicef.

2. How does a person move through a new reality but still keep, intact, all the best things about the old one?  Hire a magician.?  Meditate?  I'm meditating as well as thinking about the trials of Saint Theresa of Avila. She is my special love.

3. I wonder how to feed the hungry birds with all their small fledglings without feeding some of the neighbor's rodents who live under their outdoor bird cages.  I don't mind feeding the one tiny field mouse who lives in the clump of geranium, but not his bigger cousins.  I'm hoping the barn owl gets them.  We've had to resort to picking the tomatoes early just to get any at all.  So far, we're ahead!

You can see why we want the barn owl to win.

4.  When will I bake another birthday cake for someone?  Maybe I'll make a carrot cake for my daughters and sons when next we go to the North.  That way, it's flour free and all of us can eat it.  Yay!

5. How many more plants can we plant for butterflies and hummingbirds under these water restrictions?  I want monkey flower, sages and salvia and even some ceanothus, all plants that  are at the Nature interpretive center.

6. How does a week go by so fast?!  Yesterday it was Sunday and tomorrow it's already Friday?

7. If a gamma ray burst hits Earth, will it be over almost instantly?  Scientists say "yes", and I hope they are right.  It's not right that innocent beings should suffer.

8. Will the Chicago Bears finally win a season?

9. Why do I care?

10. I've never made a bucket list.  I probably should have got that fine arts degree.  People always say it's never too late, but they don't know what they are talking about.  Of course it is sometimes too late!

11. Is fruit less fattening than fried potatoes with garlic and onions, if you don't care?

12. Will I ever feel normal again, well, as normal as I actually Felt,say, in the year 2005?

13. Will this year ever end?


  1. I so understand some of your questions. I'm wondering about feeling normal again to. I am afraid the answer to that is probably "no". We now have a new normal! I'm right there with you on #6. How the heck does that keep happening??

    1. As humans, our sense of Time sort of telescopes into itself unless we feel we are making progress by cleaning out the closet, or perhaps the basement or garage.
      But when we are hanging in the air of our "new reality" like this, we drift through whole days without noticing any advancement, I reckon. Moving as if in a vacuum of time? But then, alas, we suddenly become aware and wake fully to our new reality. And it must be dealt with.
      Time heals but it takes it's job seriously. Time is being very kind, and as long as someone doesn't say something like,
      "Buck up, Woman" to me, I'll just knit, breathe in and out, and blog flowers and puppies and kittens.
      I will be sad the rest of my life, but so what. I'll have lots of company. This sadness just means you cared enough to love fully and deeply. You reckon?

  2. Forget the week, how did we get to mid-August already? This year has been FLYING by! My T13

    1. Heather, what you say is absolutely true! The kids are back in school again all over the place. It's hotter than the hobs of hell in Cali, so at least we will hold off on "red flannel fever" for another month or so. It's half way through the EIGTH month of this year. Ok, I'm going back into the air here again. Zžžž

  3. I think sometimes we just have to find a "new normal" and learn to deal with it. I know that is what I am having to do. I find it terribly frustrating not to be able to do all that I did before. And now I am having to learn new skills, like how to interview people to help me clean my house, because I can't run the vacuum. So I hope that you find a comfortable place in your new world. Maybe not happy, but I would like for you to be content.

    1. Thank you, CountryDew. I will be content at some point. Mother died suddenly 30 years ago, and I sooo remember those recovery years. My sister and I cried our eyes out of our heads. You rarely forget lessons like that.
      I'm sorry that you also have a new normal to adjust to. I can't run a vacuum either, and have trouble sitting up from time to time, though I can tell that your after surgery stuff is just off the charts! Hope you find a gem of a gal to help you clean.

  4. You are not an easy person to track down. I tried five different links to get here.

    1. I must be doing something wrong then. I'll try to find out what links I'm posting for your blog, but I bet it's the one to Wordpress. I can't make a comment on WP blogs unless I use my defunct WP blog log in. Thanks for doing the leg work Alice. You have true grit!


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