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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday 13:Visit to Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park.

Thursday 13

Come Play?  It's fun, and you meet new people.

It was a Peaceful time to photograph flowers.  It was mid-June a few years ago.

Enjoy the Garden, and be sure to visit it when you are in San Francisco.  They sell many things garden related, and even T-shirts and other interesting things at the little store.

I bought Peace bells there.  I'd love to have a dozen more of those, but I'll settle for three or four.  All these sales help the Gardens; it's all for the greater good!

All the ornamental stones used in creating the garden adjacent to the Library building were once part of a 12th Century Cisterian monastery in Spain, some of which was dismantled, and shipped to San Francisco by Randolph Hearst.  He wanted to use the beautiful stones to build a gargantuan castle that would outshine his own mother's near Mt. Shasta.  (Take that, Mommie!)
Some how after the arrival, he lost interest, or otherwise turned away from the project.  The stones were either sold or given to the city of San Francisco, which putting them to use much later.

There's been a huge dispute going on for a century, give or take a few years, about whether they were acquired by the Stealth and/or Guile of a somewhat ruthless American billionaire.  READ about it here,
Read it, that is, if you can wade through all their irritating pop up ads and other detritus.  There is an even more detailed story HERE, from Outlands Org. which is easier to read.

Just a semi-related thought:  Nature, more or less, instructs  us to bloom where we are planted, and, therefore, to Compromise.  To compromise can mean to accept standards that are less than desirable, and go ahead and bloom anyway.

So, shall we do this, live in neighborhoods, and towns and meditate-bloom- instead of medicate?  Is this how it's done?  I'm hoping it's so.  Everything, save ice cream, that makes me euphoric also makes me sick.

Have a Happy T13!  


  1. Which ones are peace bells? The purple star is my favorite.

  2. Hi, colleen. Peace bells are small metal bells that are made in Japan and date from post WWII. There are hundreds hanging at a tea garden in the park.

    The purple star is a Borage blossom. It's really lovely. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I love the purple one, and that little orange one coming up through the cement. It looks lost! (Do you look my mother? Is that why you thought you could be her sister?)

    1. The purple flower is a passion flower. It's really a lovely one. The poppy is coming up through a cement park bench, and could be one of those "bloom where you are planted" little heroines. I thought it was so amazing.

      And speaking about amazing, throughout my adult life I was told be many people that I looked like a brown eyed Liz Taylor. I can REALLY see that in your mother, and, yes, she and I do look a lot alike.

  4. Lovely photos. And great story. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.
    And thanks for coming over and visiting. It was nice meeting you I've followed you now and signed up for your emails. I'll be back.

    1. Why, I thank you, Grantham Lynn. Now I've found you on Google, too. :o) I use the other feature more because Google still intimidates my poor vision! lol


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